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  • William R. Mosher
    Is there any real difference between HOCNA and the ROCiE except that one is primarily of a Greek background and the other is primarily of a Russian background?
    Message 1 of 43 , Oct 3, 2002
      Is there any real difference between HOCNA and the ROCiE except that one is
      primarily of a Greek background and the other is primarily of a Russian

      In IC XC,
    • Benjamin William Champley Waterhouse
      Dear Mita I will pray for you With love in Christ Sinner Benjamin ... appropriete for ... certain ... only as an ... post it ... -- ... Sentiment*, ... line
      Message 43 of 43 , Nov 4, 2002
        Dear Mita

        I will pray for you

        With love in Christ
        Sinner Benjamin
        --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "Mita" <sdk@E...> wrote:
        > Brothers and sisters in Christ,
        > It is not my intention to stir up a dabate that is not quite
        appropriete for
        > this list. However, for the sake of truth, I have to react since
        > members of this list are spreading untruths that insults me not
        only as an
        > Orthodox but especially as Orthodox SERB.
        > Since I'm having problem posting messages to this list, I hope that
        > respected moderator will pass on this massage in case I fail to
        post it
        > properly.
        > --------------------------------------------------------------------
        > On 30 Oct 2002, in the message with subject *Re: Anti Russian
        > Benjamin William Champley Waterhouse" (bwmc_waterhouse@h...) wrote:
        > "However from a European perspective why is both NATO and the EU
        > Godless/socialist? Most socialists hate NATO for being in the first
        > against Godless communism for 40 years and fighting
        > communist/socialist/nationalist Milosovic, whose terrorist excesses
        > the Kosovo crisis in thre first place(as well as the breakup of
        > Yugoslavia)."
        > --------------------------------------------------------------------
        > Benjamin,
        > Don't get me wrong, but the lies and nonsenses that you're
        spreading are not
        > surprising coming from a member (present or former - like there's a
        > difference) of a genocidal and criminal organization like NATO.
        > It does not concern me that many socialists hate NATO, as it
        doesn't concern
        > any true Orthodox on this planet. What does concern me is the
        massive lies
        > in your message which you will (as will everyone for their sins)
        have to
        > answer for at the LAST JUDGEMENT. For the sake of truth, even
        though I know
        > you will not accept this because your satanic-NATO propaganda says
        > differently, I will enlighten you.
        > 1) Even though Milosevic was never a true nationalist, nor pious
        man, but a
        > socialist and leftist just like many regimes in the EU, he was the
        > legitimate President of a sovereign and independant state which was
        > confronting an armed uprising and TERRORISM on a part of its
        territory. What
        > you call "terrorist excesses" were legal and legitimate actions of
        the state
        > army and police to stamp out terrorists who were raping, kidnapping
        > murdering innocent people, plundering and destroying churches....
        > [albanina/muslim] terrorist acts caused the Kosovo crisis!
        > 2) Do you know who commanded the albanian terrorists in their fight
        > the Serbian police and Army? No one else but Muhamed Al Zavahari,
        > Al-Quaida's 3rd man! Together with Ramus Haradinai (an Albanian who
        today is
        > a NATO/KFOR bedfellow) he lead the so-called special forces of the
        > (albanian islamic terrorists). This means that Al-Qaida also
        participated in
        > the terrorist actions against Kosovo Serbs and Serbia, but the EU
        and NATO
        > was/is obviously on THEIR SIDE! For us in the Balkans it is a pure
        > standard! When the U.S was attacked in NY and WDC, Bush started a
        full scale
        > attack on Afghanistan which is thousands of miles from the U.S, but
        when in
        > the heart of Serbia terrorists start to kill, rape and plunder -
        Serbs are
        > not allowed to react and defend themselves because NATO will bomb
        > 3) Here are some of the results of your "humanitarian" bombing and
        > campaign against "the regime of Slobodan Milosevic" (which - by the
        way -
        > were taken without approval of the UN security council):
        > - in 78 days of bombing 21000 tons of bombs were dropped
        > - besides killing 1002 Serbian soldiers, you (NATO) killed over 2000
        > innocent people (civilians), includin tens of children.
        > - hospitals, schools, markets, churches during the Holy Liturgy and
        > residential areas were also bombed,
        > - banned radioactive material and banned "cluster" bombs were used
        > 4) Since the occupation of Serbian Kosovo, albanian muslim
        terrorists have
        > in the presence of NATO troops destroyed over 200 Serbian Orthodox
        > and monasteries (many built in the Middle Ages), gone on a rampage
        > raping, kidnapping, murdering and plundering Serbs as well as all
        > non-Albanians. Orthodox Serbs on their Kosovo do not have even the
        > human rights such as right to live, right to freely move, right to
        work, and
        > so on.
        > 5) Those responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia were Croats and
        > muslims who were doing the same thing as albanins in Kosovo (i.e.
        > cleansing of Serbs) for what they were politically and/or
        > supported by USA, Germany, Turkey, and Vatican/arabic nations. The
        fact is
        > that the Al-Qaida's mujahedeens were engaged in Bosnia on the side
        of Alija
        > Izetbegovic's army who wanted independant Serb-free Iran-like state
        in heart
        > of Europe.
        > 6) As for the EU, every true Orthodox can see what kind of laws are
        > brought in the member countries of the EU and that is enough to
        know what
        > kind of Order is being created in Europe. The New satanic World
        Order: one
        > government, one monetary system, one army, one court and - one
        > Mita,
        > Serbia
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