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[orthodox-synod] Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus: New Mass Graves With Dozens of Serbs Buried

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1999
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      RELEASE, 1. 09. 1999.
      Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus
      New Mass Graves With Dozens of Serbs Buried

      BELGRADE, 1. September - After mass grave of Serbs was found in July in Ugljare village and announced last week, a new mass grave site was found in Tuesday in Zlas village told near Pristina, with 42 Serb civilians, that were molested and murdered afterwards, radio-amateurs to Beta news agency.
              Daily newspaper from Belgrade, "Blic" reported in today's edition about three more newly founded mass graves in Pristina's area called Suncani Breg. According to the words of unnamed high officer of the KFOR, those graves are few meters one from another and dozens of bodies are buried in them. The UN teams have been already investigating sites, and KFOR keeps journalists on the distance.
              At same time the situation concerning autopsy of the Ugljare victims is continuing to be under the mystery. Yugoslav officials stated yesterday that Serbian pathologist was forbidden to participate investigation. Zoran Balinovac, from the Serbian Ministry of Justice, stated that mass grave in Ugljare was found on July 25. and those bodies were moved in the refrigerated warehouse on August 11. Since the system did not work the bodies are now in a bad condition and it is hard to investigate them further.
              Serbs from surrounding villages said, few days ago, that high U. S. officer informed them about some other mass graves that were found around Gnjilane. According to information that radio amateurs have broadcasted all victims from those mass graves were killed after the KFOR had deployed in the zone.

      WASHINGTON DC, 1. September - The team consist of 66 investigators and experts of the FBI and U. S. Army are returning to Kosovo and Metohija on the request of the Hague Tribunal. For next three weeks they should investigate places of mass graves that were found in Kosovo.
              The FBI had been in Kosovo with the team of 65 personsand with the equipment of 107 000 pounds, for several weeks since mid June and returned to the U. S. on July 1. They had investigated two of the seven sites listed in the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic war crimes.
              Up to today western media's are playing "the numbers game" concerning victims of the Kosovo crisis. Leaded by the high NATO officials who estimated around 100 000 ethnic Albanian victims (U. S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen and others), especially the worldwide television nets launched similar estimations that became "true reality" for the people. However, now the highest estimations are around 10 000 victims (New York Times July 18. issue, as well as Washington Post on same day), after the Associated Press story on June 18 stated that such number of ethnic Albanians were killed "in more then 100 massacres." But, NBC's Andrea Mitchell said in recent commentary that number of ethnic Albanians killed in Kosovo during the war appeared to be in the 3000 to 6000 range.
              Even this media game would not be ended by the new involvement of the FBI and high U. S. experts in the investigation, at least those atrocities appear to be investigated publicly. According to the voices coming from Serbia, the crimes committed over the Serbs, that now are showing by every day's massacres, are still covered up since they highly accuse UN administration in Kosovo and Metohija and KFOR for the failure in protecting the lives of non Albanian population.

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