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[orthodox-synod] Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus: Cantonization As The Question

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      RELEASE, 26. 08. 1999.
      Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus
      Cantonization As The Question

      PRISTINA 26. August - UN Kosovo administrator Bernard Kouchner on Wednesday ruled out dividing - or "cantonizing" - the province into Serb and ethnic Albanian zones in order to protect the Serbian minority.
      "Cantonization' is not a good word," Kouchner said, after the third session of the Transitional Council on Kosovo. "It reminds us of a lot of bad things," he added.
              The UN administrator has been considering the idea of organizing safe zones, or cantons, that would separate Kosovo's Serbs and Albanians, who have not succeeded in living side-by-side since the NATO air strikes ended in June.
      But a UN official requesting anonymity said that Kouchner was playing a game of semantics "so as not to openly ratify a division of Kosovo along ethnic lines," which is barred in UN Security Council resolution 1244.
              The Cantonization is the plan that Serbian Orthodox Church adopted last year and presented to the international community by Bishop of Raska and Prizren Artemije (Kosovo) in various occasions. Plan was the platform that the Serbian Church's delegation had been proposing in the Rambouliet and Paris talks before the NATO intervention.
              St. Savva News Press Service was told in the Serbian Patriarchate by an official, requesting anonymity, that Yugoslav President Milosevic was sending his foreign minister Zivadin Jovanovic to the Patriarchate in order to convince the Church being a part of the Yugoslav state delegation and to adopt his policy over the Kosovo and Metohija crisis. At the same time, in the last moment, the Chairs of the Rambouliet talks refused to welcome Serbian Church's delegation as the equal participant of the talks, even it was clear that the Kosovo Serbs recognized Serbian Church as their unique representative.

      PRISTINA 26. August - Leader of the Serbian Democratic Movement and member of the Church-People Council of Kosovo and Metohija, Momcilo Trajkovic stated yesterday that French and German Ministers of foreign affairs, Hubert Vedrine and Yoshka Fischer, accepted to negotiate the concept of cantonization of Kosovo and agreed about possibility of Serbs and Albanians to negotiate about it.
              Ministers Vedrine and Fischer expressed their concern about the current state of general security in Kosovo.

      NEW YORK  26. August - United Nations might reject Serb proposal to carve out ethnic enclaves in Kosovo to protect their people from attacks by Albanians as early as today, informed Belgrade TV station Studio B. "Cantonisation is an idea that the Serbs began floating last year. I think it originated with the Academy of Sciences in Belgrade," said a Western diplomat who asked not to be named. As he stressed, this idea was never taken seriously, because it opposites international efforts to create united and multi-ethnic Kosovo.
              However neither the UN nor the other international parties involved within the Kosovo and Metohija crisis have not suggested any other idea for pacification of tormented Serbian province and ethnic conflict in the region.

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