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Fears of French clergy

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, A few times on this forum, Father Alexander Lebedeff requested details about what exactly was considered as unacceptable by the French clergy about
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2002
      Dear List,

      A few times on this forum, Father Alexander Lebedeff requested
      details about what exactly was considered as unacceptable by the
      French clergy about Vl Ambrose's conduct of Church affairs.

      So far, my replies have not been approved by the Moderator for
      technical reasons. I submit thus the following posting, which is more
      in line with the standards of this forum.

      Among the facts that disturbed the French clergy are those listed
      below. As anybody will understand, they are documented public events
      that were witnessed by many. Their occurring, I understand, is not
      challenged by Vl Ambrose. What he would dispute, I guess, is their
      interpretation. I am sure that Vl Ambrose has become more prudent in
      these matters since the recent dramatic developments that we have
      seen in our Church.

      - On the 29th of June 1995, Vl. Ambrose participated in full
      vestments in the service of laying the first stone of the new
      Rumanian church in Geneva, concelebrating with metropolitan
      Damaskinos of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (the leader of
      ecumenistic dialogues) and metropolitan Seraphim of the Patriarchate
      of Bucharest. Vl Ambrose jointly signed the grammata sealed in the
      stone. This took place at the time when in Paris our clergy was
      desperately trying to preserve the Rumanian community under our Synod
      from the attacks of those same official Churches.

      - In Geneva, from 1994 onwards, Vl. Ambrose knew that the main priest
      of the cathedral, F. Pavel Tsvetkoff, had continual contacts with
      M.P. clergy and even had discreetly concelebrated with them in

      - In April 2000, Vl Ambrose blessed the organisation of a discussion
      group aimed at preparing a pro-M.P change in the cathedral's
      statutes and had several meetings with metropolitan Cyrill
      (Gundiaev) of Smolensk.

      - Vl. Ambrose stated that the obstacle between MP and ROCA was
      only "psychological".

      - Vl. Ambrose explained that there was already a commission to unite
      the M.P with our Church and that the obstacles of the New Martyrs and
      of sergianism had already been resolved. Since that time, the pro-MP
      faction took over the legal control of the cathedral, changed the
      statutes, and has shown by several votes that they want and are ready
      to join the MP.

      - Vl Ambrose let the Geneva cathedral choir sing psalms with a
      Jewish choir at the Conservatoire on a Sunday during Great Lent.

      My purpose in offering this information is in no way to cause
      passions to flare up again, nor to accuse Vl Ambrose, but to invite
      all to understand better a conflict that can be resolved, in my
      opinion, by well conceived economia and love in Christ. Defrocking is
      not the solution, in my opinion.

      A schism is worse than heresy. We were not able to prevent it from
      happening. Passively letting the schism continue to be is a sin too.
      Let us not add this sin to those that we already commited. Let us do
      all that is in our power to resolve the separation that has
      devastated our dear Church.

      I am just a layman, but I want to participate in this humble capacity
      as much as I can. May the learned theologians forgive my ignorance
      and help me learn to understand better spiritual matters.

      We all need peace and reunion. This is God's will.

      in God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff
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