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[orthodox-synod] Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus: The Terror Continues

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 1999
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      RELEASE, 24. 08. 1999.
      Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus
      The Terror Continues

      GNJILANE, 24. August - The Church-People Council from Gnjilane in Kosovo and Metohija informed that Albanians are attacking property and lives of non-Albanian population in the town. During the last night three Serbian houses were burned, and on Sunday, for the second time the houses of one Serb, Mirko Momcilovic, and one Romas (Gypsy), Hakia Demiry, were burned. Ethnic Albanians yesterday also violently occupied six flats, and two houses, one flat and one private shop were robbed. Albanians, who told her that they will burn her house if she remain in Gnjilane, attacked the house of Romas Dzemilija Bayrami. The Council informs that Albanians refuse usage of any of the school buildings by Serbian pupils.

      PRISTINA, 24. August - The UNHCR units visited yesterday ten Serbs in Pristina, delivering them some food. According to the statement of one physician, who was in the team, majority of Serbs is starving, and all of them are sick. Most of Serbs have not opened the doors of their houses since the KFOR entered Pristina.
              On Sunday the groups of ethnic Albanians committed about 20 attacks on houses and flats of Serbs in Pristina. The attacks were on the houses of Milutin Dimitrijevic, Momir Jovic, Milorad Dragovic, Roksanda Dulovic, Marko Markovic and Dragoljub Markovic, from the area of Vranjevac, of Nenad Mitic, Momcil Peric and Dobrosav Milojkovic from the area of Suncani breg and of Milutin Cosic and Stana Joksimovic from the area of Dardanija. Yesterday morning last Serbian was expelled from the area of Avalija. The house of Vojislav Stojanovic is burned.

      UROSEVAC, 24. August - 300 Serbs from village Srpski Babus demand from UNHCR, UNMIK and KFOR to be returned in their homes. After UNHCR team had visited place and finding all 69 of Serbian houses burned, they stated that there are no conditions for the return of the exiled Serbian families. Local Orthodox priest from Urosevac stated yesterday that ethnic Albanians has burned down over 50 % of Serbian houses in that town. Over 1514 Serbian families had been living in Urosevac before the Kosovo Liberation Army occupied town and KFOR deployed within it. According to Fr. Zivko from Urosevac, in the area of the municipality there are no more Serbs. He said that in the villages Nekodim, Nerodimlje and Zaskok, apart from the fact that all Serbian houses were burned down, the churches and Orthodox cemeteries are destroyed, too.

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