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Thoughts on thoughts on Discipline

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  • sergerust2002
    NICE PUTTING THEM TOGETHER : ... [square brackets added] S praznikom, Serge Rust
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2002

      Fr. John R. Shaw dixit :

      > Having said all this, let me add that Fr. Pablo,
      > as it now comes out, is to be transferred to California,
      > whence he came, but not to the same parish.

      Xristofor dixit :

      > I feel an indescribable loss at the lack of discipline,
      > obedience, punishment and ultimately, Fear of God
      > in our Church ... it seems that very rarely is any punishment,
      > penance or discipline meted out in the Church.
      > Usually "events" are minimized and in the rare cases when
      > something is done, the penance never ends up being fulfilled.
      > I know of a case where there was a personality conflict between
      > priest and parish (not the most serious of offenses..) and
      > although a Vladyka disciplined the priest, he immediately asked
      > another bishop to accept him ... into his diocese ...
      > What has happened to patience and accepting one's Cross?
      > (And how heavy was the Cross of having Vl. A[lypy] as bishop?)

      [square brackets added]

      Serge Rust
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