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  • goossir
    Dear Reader John, Dear List, Your post about the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicolas really moved me. For a long time I wanted to post the following story and never
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2002
      Dear Reader John, Dear List,

      Your post about the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicolas really moved me. For a
      long time I wanted to post the following story and never found the
      proper moment.

      It is a proof I had personally of his Holiness.

      Last year, 14 June 2001 to be exact, The Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Tsar-
      Martyr Nicholas II from Moscow was brought to our Church in
      Brussels. (For more details about this Icon see:
      I must confess that I was rather sceptic about these stories of myrrh-
      streaming icons. It was like hearing a beautiful story, pleasant to
      believe, but still too beautiful to completely adhere to it. On the
      other hand, while I was convinced of the genuine Christian behaviour
      of the Tsar Nicolas II, I was quite uncomfortable about the nature of
      his canonisation. I was afraid that it had some hidden political
      So there I was, with a friend also from Moscow, going to the
      Akathist. Climbing the stairs to enter the Church, I even asked my
      friend: "Are you sure there are no tricks relating to this Icon?"

      Entering the Church I bought a small picture representing this icon -
      a thing I never did before.
      During the Akathist, the Icon was myrrh-streaming - we all saw it.
      When we went to kiss it, I laid my picture on the Icon and taking it
      back saw two marks on both sides of the crown, on the fur. Quite
      happy that the myrrh touched and penetrated the picture I kept it in
      my hand and not in my bag so that the myrrh could penetrate well.

      For one hour, we stood outside the Church, discussing the last
      events, as usual after every service. At one point, I wanted to put
      the picture in my bag and looking at it I saw myrrh streaming down
      the two previous spots on the crown and from the mouth of the Tsar.
      People around me saw it as well and can testify. I ran into the
      church, showed it to the priests and to the owner of the Icon. An
      incredible perfume invaded the Church. It was very strong and
      delightful. I leave it to you to imagine how I felt!

      Finding myself so unworthy I gave it, without hesitation, to our
      priest (who needed more than ever the strength of the Holy Martyr
      Tsar Nicolas II). I received another picture, which I laid on the
      Icon, hoping again to have some marks left - but no.

      The picture streamed for a few hours, and then stopped. There is no
      mark at all on it now.

      This year, in June, the Holy Icon was brought again to us. My own
      little picture, who is now framed in a box in the church started to
      smell again with this divine perfume during the presence of the Holy

      Until now, I am trying to know the reason why this picture streamed.
      What were my prayers, my thoughts at that time? What was special in
      them? Of course I always had a special feeling for the Tsar, read a
      lot about Him, but Â…nothing, nothing was special - I was even
      sceptic! But one thing I am eager about, it is to follow the right
      path and not to be mislead. I am so afraid to be mistaken as it is
      so easy nowadays.
      It seems to me then that The Holy Martyr Tsar Nicolas II just showed
      his participation and guides us in this need for the Truth. This
      myrrh-streaming, was so intimate, soft, quiet and innocent.
      I can only bend on my knees, me the unworthy, and thank The Lord for
      allowing this miracle to happen. Explanations, if there will be,
      might come later - but we are in God's hands, totally and fully and
      His Will shall prevail.

      I can conclude with one conviction now: We are not alone. Saints do
      participate in our prayers (and of course no more doubts about the
      Holy Martyr Tsar Nicolas II).

      Yours in Christ,
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