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Re: FWD: The historical position of the Church Abroad

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, Roman Martin writes: the first thing to correct here is the notion that anyone--even the martyrs!--saves the Church. The Church saves us. We do
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 13, 2002
      Dear List,

      Roman Martin writes:

      "the first thing to correct here is the notion that anyone--even the
      martyrs!--saves the Church. The Church saves us. We do not save the

      Let me kindly comment as follows.

      If there is no clergy left and no believers left in a country, the
      Church has ceased to be present in that country (has been lost).
      Achieving this in the USSR (destroying the Church) was the goal of
      the communists. Preventing this from happening (by being faithful)
      was "saving the Church".

      The faith does save the Church. The Faith essential to the Church. No
      faith, no Church. If all are living out of the faith, nobody is
      living in it, and there is no Church.

      The reason the Sergianists allowed themselves to collaborate with the
      atheist regime is that they thought or claimed that this was the only
      way to prevent the extinction of the faith in the Soviet Union.

      In those who accepted this view, they actually did destroy the faith,
      which is indispensable for the Church to be. A great deal of MP
      faithful tell you now that had it not been for Met Sergius, there
      would have been no place left to pray in the Soviet Union or even no
      notion that Christ had ever existed. They thus considered that they
      did save the Faith and thus the Church from disappearing.

      We all know that the Church saves us if we are in Her. This does not
      at all contradict the statement that the martyrs (in Christ) save (in
      Christ) the Church from all our sins. Our faith is to believe that,
      by the grace of God, there will always be martyrs on earth to save
      the Church from disappearing from earth, in spite of all apparently
      realistic predictions. In spite also of the fact that man can, if he
      chooses to, refuse God and thus destroy the Chuch.

      Our sins and our Sergianism in particular (a frequent mistake which
      consists in using evil means for supposedly sacred goals) do harm
      (kill) the Church. Acknowledging Christ in the most difficult
      conditions (being a martyr) is counteracting our sins and thus saving
      the Church.

      The martyrs do prevent the Church from disappearing (save Her) and,
      in doing so, allow us to be saved in Her. That is the Communion of

      Practicing or approving Sergianism is, by definition, not believing
      in the Church, that is not believing Christ: "And I tell you that you
      are rock, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of
      Hell will not overcome it".(Matthew 16:18)

      "for just as it is a work of his will and is called the world, so
      also the salvation of men is his will and this is called the church"
      (Clement of Alexandria).

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., "Russell Martin" <martinre@w...> wrote:
      > I find nothing whatsoever questionable and dubious in Fr.
      > post. In fact, it is the kind of thing that, if one listens to
      with a
      > calm and charitable heart, only stirs compassion and optimism. At
      > for me. On the other hand:
      > <<< We are together
      > with the millions of martyrs of Russia. They, and only they, saved
      > the Church in Russia.
      > Am I mistaken?
      > or is this so difficult to understand?>>>
      > It is I who am frequently mistaken, but it seems to me that the
      > thing to correct here is the notion that anyone--even the
      > martyrs!--saves the Church. The Church saves us. We do not save
      > Church.
      > I am not, moreover, familiar with any official proclamations that
      > suggest that Met. Sergius, in taking the actions he did, "saved" the
      > Church.
      > In Christ,
      > Roman Martin
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