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Christ as the only and absolute authority "over any prince, over any authority,

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  • vkozyreff
    About Sergianism ... The Orthodox Church: 1. Recognises Christ as her only and absolute authority over any prince, any authority, any power, any domination
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2002
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      About Sergianism

      The Orthodox Church:

      1. Recognises Christ as her only and absolute authority "over any
      prince, any authority, any power, any domination and anything that
      can be named, not only in the present time, but also in centuries to
      ome". (Ephes. I, 21)

      2. Refers in the internal organisation of her spiritual and moral
      life not to definitions of the worldly powers, but to divine
      commandments, blessings of the beatitudes, Rules of the Holy Apostles
      and Canons of the Councils of the holy Fathers.

      3. Loses her status of legitimate Church, if she does not fulfil the
      first two conditions.

      After the Revolution in Russia, dozens of thousand priests were
      murdered or emprisoned in concentration camps for refusing to
      collaborate with the communists. Following the death of the confessor
      of the Faith, Patriarch Tikhon, the legitimate authority of the
      Russian Church moved outside Russia.

      In the meantime the Soviet power, in order to subdue the believers to
      the communist regime, compelled Metropolitan Sergii Stragorodsky to
      serve a power, which had, as its declared objective, the elimination
      of any faith.

      So, in opposition to the Canons of the Church, a new "Church" was
      established, which was going to become the Patriarchate of Moscow.
      In 1927 on order of Stalin, Metropolitan Sergii issued his
      Declaration, which justified the exaction of the communist regime,
      recognised it as legitimate and submitted the Church to it, including
      in matters of doctrine and morality.

      This Declaration placed the Patriarchate of Moscow in a state of
      total dependence vis-à-vis the communist authorities. Nobody could
      become a bishop without agreeing to be an agent of the KGB. As a
      consequence, the Church, whose leader must be Christ (1) became the
      instrument of the regime, in conditions of persecution. Furthermore,
      with time, she allowed herself to be more and more infiltrated by a
      non-Christian ideology, which is inadmissible (2). So the official
      Church in Russia is not the legitimate Church, that it claims to be.

      The Patriarchate of Moscow has never until now, even only formally
      disavowed the Declaration of Metropolitan Sergii, its founder, and
      has never distanced itself from anti-Christian forces, in spite of
      all its assertions. At present, forces in Russia try through the
      Patriarchate of Moscow to seize all the parishes of the Russian
      Church outside of Russia, with their churches and different

      Priest Valery Rojnow
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