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Re Interview with Vl. Mark

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  • boulia_1
    Dear Esteemed Fathers, Brothers & Sisters - I received the following message in my private e-mail box but, since I participated in this discussion publicly, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2002
      Dear Esteemed Fathers, Brothers & Sisters -

      I received the following message in my private e-mail box but, since I
      participated in this discussion publicly, I feel it should remain a
      public discussion. My apologies to the author if she feels
      differently, but I prefer not to engage in private e-mailings. Yet, I
      do not want to dismiss anyone's concerns or points. Thus, I post the
      message in the name of open dialogue.

      Yours sincerely, in the Ascended Christ


      Allow some stranger from Brussels to interfere in your discussion
      with V. Kozyreff.

      There is one terrible thing in these discussions: No one is answering
      the real questions - why call them "off-base"? How can the MP be
      considered part of the Mother Church when this entity was created by
      Stalin to destroy the Church? Why did Vl Mark ask to be tonsured in
      Mount Athos and then wished to follow courses in the The Trinity St
      Sergius in Russia? Being a member of the Russian Orthodox Church
      OUTSIDE RUSSIA as he states, it looks rather strange that he found
      the level of the curriculum in Jordanville not to his expectations.

      I do not know Vl Mark and that is why I beg forgiveness to be so bold
      about my questions. A bishop should be our guide and we are entitled
      to know who the guide that we are supposed to follow really is - Is
      he leading us in the right path or not?

      So everything about him should be clear (Simply let your 'Yes'
      be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the
      evil one. Matthew 5:36-38 ). The fact is that there are a lot of dark
      and contradictory spots in this interview as, it seems, in his
      various biographies.

      Someone called V. Kozyreff a "fundamentalist". This word, badly
      understood, is used as an insult when people refuse to answer. This
      is the typical answer we get to our "fundamental" questions. It only
      shows the unwillingness for any serious debate. This is the core of
      the suffering that our Church is going through for the past two
      years. This just deepens the gap.

      But let me remind you that relation to the Truth is fundamental.
      Nowadays, this word is applied to terrorist Moslems, and rightly so.
      They follow closely the Koran, which calls clearly for violence in
      some places, and Mohammed, who exterminated the Christians in
      Medina. A Christian fundamentalist tries to follow closely the
      Gospel. Christ called for love, showed no tolerance to violence or
      compromise and should be followed to the end in each of his words.
      Following Christ is in no way primitive. So V. Kozyreff should be
      proud to be called a "fundamentalist".

      In the meantime, no Christian brotherly love is shown for those who
      sincerely beg for clarifications and who, because of this lack of
      understanding, are being confirmed in their suspicions.

      Seeing the course of events, I am more and more convinced that there
      was a will to get rid of the people, in our Church, who see in the MP
      a creation of Stalin with which no compromise can be considered.
      That is how these people are now honoured with the name of Christian

      I do pray and hope that the doors of Christian understanding and
      communication are again wide open
      In Christ,

      Irina Goossens
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