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Re: [orthodox-synod] Internet help fighting SPAM

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  • Jean-Claude Williams
    Michael, I am handicaped / disabled and have a young son who has a great desire to become a priest. We are both members at the Cathedral. We have strong ties
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 6, 2002
      Michael, I am handicaped / disabled and have a young son who has a great desire to become a priest. We are both members at the Cathedral. We have strong ties with the Greeks although by past was very Slavic oriented. With each passing year I notice such liberality entering the church we are in at present. I was a reader and cantor at St. Stephens where I believe your present pastor served. I was there under Fr. Matejic. I have heard much of St. John's which I believe is in Worthington. At the present time I am suffering from the results of bad judgment. Before I became totally disabled I invested in major overhall of a car I thought would last for years. It had different ideas. My son and I have been unable to attend any services for some time. However we manage to keep our faith alive with the teachings we receive here and other sites as well.

      Am I mistaken or did you say you also live in Pataskala?
      I would appreciate contact if you have the time.

      sincerely, a servant of Christ
      Jean-Claude at cwilliams@...

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      From: Reader Michael Malloy
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 10:04 PM
      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Internet help fighting SPAM

      I reply by sending a fresh e mail because I do not want to fill my head
      with more useless information (passwords, etc.) as required by Ya-Who? now.

      "Michael, My name is Jean-Claude. I live in Pataskala just about 20 miles east
      of you. I am pleased to know of someone who is not across the country from me
      who is on here. Thanks."

      Me too.

      "But should you have given so much information on the internet?"

      Hmmmm. I am not sure which part you are asking about. If it's the
      information about fighting SPAM, I believe we should all do everything we
      can to get those vipers off of our backs and hard drives.

      As for the rest, it's just my work signature file. I think it's best to
      contribute to lists from home, when possible.

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      Reader Michael Malloy
      Choir Director
      Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (OCA)
      Columbus Ohio
      (malloy.2@... = mmalloy@...-state.edu)

      "A Psalm is the tranquility of souls, the arbitrator of peace, restraining
      the disorder and turbulence of thoughts, for it softens the passion of the
      soul and moderates its unruliness. A Psalm forms friendships, unites the
      divided, mediates between enemies. For who can still consider him an enemy
      with whom he has set forth one voice to God? So that the singing of Psalms
      brings love, the greatest of good things, contriving harmony like some bond
      of union and uniting the people in the symphony of a single choir."

      St. Basil the Great; in: Strunk, W. Oliver (William Oliver), 1901- comp.:
      Source readings in music history from classical antiquity through the
      romantic era. New York, Norton [1950]

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