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Re: [orthodox-synod] At the OCA

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  • Kiril Bart
    Christ is Risen! What is your point? Subdeacon Kirill ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music
    Message 1 of 45 , May 23, 2002
      Christ is Risen!
      What is your point?
      Subdeacon Kirill

      --- Hristofor <hristofor@...> wrote:
      > A little personal history (sorry for going out on a
      > tangent!)
      > My parents and grandparents (on one side) were
      > married in the OCA (the
      > other grandparents in ROCA) and I was baptised in
      > the OCA. Our family left
      > en masse in 1982 after the calendar change (and have
      > never regretted it!)
      > My parish church had already switched calendars in
      > the 70's, after 2
      > elections--a precursor to Florida ;-) --some left
      > for another OCA parish
      > where they were still using the Old Calendar.
      > Although I knew Bp Gregory (Grabbe) from attending
      > services at Synod, we
      > were touched when my grandmother passed away in 1984
      > and was buried from
      > Synod, he appeared at the otpevanie and gave a
      > sermon, even though he never
      > met her in his life.
      > So, I am very familiar with both sides. The
      > differences are numerous,
      > though many of them may not be serious when
      > individually looked at.
      > However, if taken as a whole, they create a totally
      > different atmosphere.
      > During Lent, I would sometimes visit my old parish
      > for evening
      > Presanctified, and after your first confession at
      > the start of Lent, you
      > are allowed to receive through Lent, with perhaps
      > another confession before
      > Pascha. Most ladies communed with uncovered hair and
      > in slacks. The same
      > held true at the OCA mission parish at the
      > University where I work. While
      > communing in pants may not be the worst sin, it
      > certainly creates a
      > totally different atmosphere, diminishing the awe
      > and seriousness of the
      > Holy Mystery.
      > I belive that there was a posting here awhile ago
      > regarding the interesting
      > frescos at New Skete... Again, not serious, but also
      > creating a bizarre
      > atmosphere for worship, leading to confusion among
      > the believers.
      > Just this Sunday, our priest gave a sermon on this
      > very subject. He started
      > out saying that one may think that there are few
      > differences between the
      > OCA and the ROCA; everything looks the same,
      > architecture, music, liturgy,
      > Russian-Americans. In fact, he said that a friend
      > came from the OCA to
      > visit a ROCA parish and _he_ was surprised at the
      > differences. In his
      > particular parish, people are communed almost from
      > the street, no inquiry
      > is made if there are even baptised. Confession?
      > Forget about it!
      > The there are the more serious things you mentioned,
      > plus participation in
      > ecumenical prayer services (esp after 9/11). I am
      > sure others would be more
      > then willing to add to this list.
      > Hristofor
      > At 01:18 AM 5/23/2002, you wrote:
      > > > In light of such happenings in the Greek
      > Archdiocese
      > > > (and I am sure in the
      > > > OCA),
      > >
      > >I'm also wondering if you might clarify this
      > statement
      > >regarding the OCA. As a "member" of the OCA I'm
      > >certainly aware of certain shortcomings within our
      > >jurisdiction-- Our inovlement with the WCC, switch
      > to
      > >the new calendar for many of our parishes, and some
      > of
      > >the strange and modernist theology coming out of
      > >St.Vladimir's these days. However, on the parish
      > level
      > >much of the OCA seems quite traditional. (I'll have
      > to
      > >admit however that the flavor of Orthodoxy which
      > >initially brought me to conversion is difficult to
      > >find in the OCA's publicatons or many parishes, and
      > is
      > >better found in some pockets of the ROCOR).
      > >I've spent a good deal of time struggling with my
      > >involvement in the OCA because of some of these
      > issues
      > >and find myself almost daily second guessing my
      > >decision to be received into the OCA.
      > >As one who has read many critiques of the OCA which
      > >deal mostly with past events in the jurisdictions
      > >history, is there anything I should know of that is
      > >going on more recently within the OCA that is
      > worthy
      > >of critique?
      > >Any comments would be great.
      > >
      > >In Christ,
      > >P.Josh Hatala

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    • P. Joshua Hatala
      I have kind of a silly question. I haven t been able to gather much information regarding the Church s stance(or lack thereof) towards tattoos. If anyone has
      Message 45 of 45 , Jun 9, 2002
        I have kind of a silly question. I haven't been able
        to gather much information regarding the Church's
        stance(or lack thereof) towards tattoos. If anyone has
        any info, insights, stories, etc. regarding
        tattoos(particularly Christian oriented tattoos)
        within the church it would be much appreciated. Are
        there any known priests with tattoos?

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