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    Dear all, I wanted to forward this email, it is an email regarding the OCA website and the ROCOR website. I was told by it s author, who will remain nameless,
    Message 1 of 45 , May 18, 2002
      Dear all,

      I wanted to forward this email, it is an email regarding the OCA website
      and the ROCOR website. I was told by it's author, who will remain
      nameless, that he is fed up. He wasn't able to read a Paschal epistle
      of his chief hierarch for nearly two weeks after Pascha, when thanks to
      Holy Cross, it was finally available in English. It really is sad. I
      think something really must be done. A website must be like a book, if
      your church doesn't offer you materials for the benefit of your being.
      Then what kind of a church is that? I realize the Church Abroad is
      struggling at the moment, but that is no excuse for it's leaders to
      forget about the faithful who remain. The OCA has learned this, so have
      the Greeks. Perhaps the Russian Church Abroad should learn this as
      well? The website is in shambles, and very much out of date. It is May
      and hasn't been updated since February. No one has any idea of what is
      going on in the Church. And when people bring this up, I have noticed
      that the priests get upset. People rely heavily on e-mail lists and
      yahoo groups to find out any kind of information, and most of the time
      it is just plain ole' gossip, not information, and not beneficial.
      People are even going to the ROCiE website for information, which is not
      good. By not properly informing your flock you are unintentionally
      leading them away. They will look at one thing on their website, and
      then look at another, and another, and they may start believing some of
      the things that they include on their website. I am not intentionally
      trying to upset anyone, I am only speaking what is being spoken by the
      MANY faithful. I was told that the clergy did bring this up at an
      earlier meeting, and that Bishop Kyril of West America, placed a Fr.
      Peter Perekrestov in charge of it. To find a designer and to figure the
      costs. But I was also told by that same Fr. Peter, that he is going to
      try it himself first, to save on costs I assume.

      The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is a worldwide church and
      organization with faithful on every populated continent, who speak a
      wide variety of languages. From French to Polish, English to Georgian.
      So if it is going to design for itself a website, it should be big and
      easily maneuverable. A website is like a worldwide electronic book and
      people who see the level of comittment made on a website, will believe
      it to be the case with the rest of its organization. A properly run
      website is a properly run organization. Various studies have shown that
      a company that has an eye pleasing website, will gain in growth and
      revenue. QVC showed a dramatic increase in revenue when they overhauled
      their website. It is the same with a Church or a non-profit website.
      Not just from a business point of view, spiritually speaking it should
      offer its flock resources in their own language. Not just in Russian!
      And it should be centralized. And they should look at the GOArch and
      the OCA websites as examples of quality work. A template that should be
      followed! As we say in advertising, if it works then copy it!

      Here is the e-mail that was sent to the OCA Communications Department
      chief, who are in charge of the website team:

      Christ is Risen!

      I just wanted to comment on the NEW OCA Website, and all I can say is
      "Thank GOD" for the OCA website. I am a Reader of the Russian Orthodox
      Church Abroad and may I say, the OCA website is a life-saver. I am very
      happy the OCA cares enough about it's Orthodox faithful to offer so much
      information.... it just shows that you care, I am very pleased. At the
      same time, I am also very much disappointed in our Church Abroad and
      it's lack of support for its flock. They didn't even have the courtesy
      to translate Met. Laurus' Paschal Epistle into english for we many
      Orthodox who don't understand Russian. They made up many excuses, all
      of which I don't buy. Many people were upset about that. Especially
      when the OCA, has had the courtesy of offering it's chief hierarch's
      sermon in many languages for the various people to read.

      I am at awe at the level of professionalism that your Church shows
      toward, not only the world, but also toward it's Orthodox flock. It
      makes other people want to visit your churches, by seeing the level of
      commitment to its faithful on something as simple as a website. It's
      just really great! I am really happy for you.

      Honestly, if I didn't love my parish so much, I would start an OCA
      mission here in ****** (deleted). But that's just between you and me..

      It's just really great, I am so happy. I look forward to seeing what
      you will offer next.

      end e-mail.

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    • P. Joshua Hatala
      I have kind of a silly question. I haven t been able to gather much information regarding the Church s stance(or lack thereof) towards tattoos. If anyone has
      Message 45 of 45 , Jun 9, 2002
        I have kind of a silly question. I haven't been able
        to gather much information regarding the Church's
        stance(or lack thereof) towards tattoos. If anyone has
        any info, insights, stories, etc. regarding
        tattoos(particularly Christian oriented tattoos)
        within the church it would be much appreciated. Are
        there any known priests with tattoos?

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