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Sunday of Orthodoxy ~ Nedelja Pravoslavlja

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    SRPSKI and ENGLISH TEXT                                   SUNDAY ORTHODOXY “This is the Apostolic faith, this is the
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                                        SUNDAY ORTHODOXY

      “This is the Apostolic faith,

      this is the faith of the Fathers,

      this is the Orthodox faith
      — confirm this universal faith.”

                Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, you   will hear these
            and significant words in the Rite of Orthodoxy which the Holy Church has
            established to be served on this day.  
                   The first week of Holy and Great Lent has ended a week of
      intensifled    prayer and ascetical repentance. Now the Holy Church, desiring
             encourage and console us, has established for us in this first week of
                              Great Lent, on its first Sunday, a
      spiritual  celebration,one most dear and close to our hearts  The Triumph of

      This celebration was first perfomed in 842 in Constantinople in the :
      presence of the Blessed Empress Theodora by His Holiness Patriarch Methodius
       in memory of the overthrow of the last terrible hersey to shake Christ’s
      Church, the heresy of iconoclasm. But in this celebration the Holy Church
      marks the triumph of the holy Orthodox faith in general, her victory over
       all impious heresies, false teachings and schisms. Our Lord Jesus Christ the
      Saviour founded His Church on earth so that all belonging to her could
      be saved, could elude the nets of the devil and enter into the Heavenly
      Kingdom prepared for them. The devil exerted all his strength to overthrow
        and destroy the Church of Christ and, through this, to hinder the salvation
       of men,  At first he raised up terrible persecutions against the Church
       on the part of the Jews and pagans. For almost three centuries the blood
      of Christian martyrs flowed without ceasing. But the devil did not succeed
       in his task. The blood of the martyrs, according to the apt expression
       of the Christian apologist Tertullian, became the “seeds of Christians.”
       Christianity triumphed over its persecutors.“The meek lambs of Christ’s 
       flock transformed the wolf—like rage of their persecutors into lamb—like    
                         But the devil did not resist after the defeat he suffered
      at the hands
      of the martyrs .When the Church OF CHRIST triumphed in the world he raised up
      a new, even more dangerous persecution against her: from within  the Church
      , as the Holy Apostle Paul had foretold in his conversation
       with the Ephesian presbyters, men arose“speaking perverse things.” Paul
       called such men “grievous wolves.” [Acts 20:29—30]. These were so—called 
      “heretics” who tried to pervert the true teaching of Christ concerning
      faith and piety in order to make this teaching ineffective for men. When this
      happened, the Holy Church, in the person of its best servants,took up arms
      against these heretics in order to defend its true, undistored
       teaching. There began to be convoked first “local” and then “ecumenical”
      councils. Bishops came together from all the corners of the earth and
       through the Holy Spirit they gave voice to the pure and undistorted Truth, 
      following the example of the First Apostolic Council of Jerusalem[Acts 
      15:6—29]. They also cut off heretics from the Church and anathematized
      them. This was in according with the clear commandment of Our Lord Jesus
      Christ Himself who said,“If he neglect to hear the Church, let him be unto
      thee as a heathen man and a publican.” [Matthew 18:17]. And in
      accordance with the commandment of the Holy Apostle Paul, that great
      “apostole  to the nations” who said, “But though we, or an angel from
      heaven, preach any other gosepi unto you than that which we have preached unto
      you, let him be accursed” [Galatians 1:8]. And in another place he states:
      If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema. Maranatha
         [I Cor. 16:22].
      Thus our moving, majestic and solemn Rite of 0 R T H 0 D 0 X Y takes its
      beginning from our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and from his great
      Apostle, called by Him to be the “apostle to the nation”, i.e. of the whole
      pagan world.
      From the ninth century on the Holy Church has established that this rite
      should be served on the first Sunday of Holy Great Lent and that
      it be name “Orthodox Sunday”.
      The rite, brothers and sisters, is particularly important and significant in
      the evil times we are experiencing,times in which the Orthodox
      : faith is wavering and shaking. This wavering and shaking of the Orthodox
      faith is due to those very persons who ought to be strengthening and
      supporting it in the souls of the faithful.Those who should be pillars of
      Holy Orthodoxy highranking hierarchs including the heads of certain Local
      Churches — are departing from the Truth of H 0 L Y ORTHODOXY. It is terrible
      to have to say that even the head of the Constantinopolitan Church, which is
      known as the “Ecumenical” Church, the man considered
      tobe the first hierarch of all ORTHODOXY, has set out this path! On all of
      this there undoubtedly lies the print of the Apostasy about
      which the Holy Apostle Paul foretold [II Thess. 2—3]
      the apostasy of  Christians from Christ.
      We are now face to face with this Apostasy.The major threat to
      true Christian faith, the Orthodox faith, is the so called “Ecumenical
      ’Movement,” headed by what is known as the “World Council of Churches,”
      a body which denies the doctrine of the unity and infalliblility of the :
      True Church of Christ and attempts to create from all the presently existing
      and distroted the faith, a new “false — Church”which, from our point of
      view, will without any doubt be the “Church” of Antichrist, that false—
      church which the Antichrist, whose coming is now being rapidly prepared
         in the world, will head.
      From the teaching of the Word of God and the Holy Fathers of the
      Church we know that the Antichrist will be both the religious and political
      leader of all humanity: he will stand at the head of a new universal false
      church which the Antichrist, whose coming is now being rapidly prepared     
      in the world, will head. From the teaching of the Word of God and the Holy
      Fathers of the Church   ,we know that the Antichrist will be both the
      religious and political leader    of all humanity: he will stand at the head
      of the new universal false Church;he will also be the director of one new
      world government and will attempt to submit all to his absolute power.   The
      Orthodox faith — this is the “faith of the Apostles,” “the faith  of the
      Fathers”it is that faith which the Apostlic Fathers, the direct
                     disciples of the Holy Apostles, and the Holy Fathers and
      Teachers of the               Church and their lawful successors, established
      by the Holy Spirit, interpreted for us in their marvellous and inspired
      writings. Brothers  and sisters, we must hold this faith steadfastly if we
      desire eternal salvation!Now we shall perform with you this deeply
      instructive,moving and highly solemn rite which consists of two parts: the
      first part isthe prayer of the Holy Church for all those who have gone astray
      or fallen away from the true Orthodox faith; in the second part the Holy
      Church pronounces dread anathema against all false teachers, heretics and
      schismatics who have grown stubborn in their malice and who do not wish to
      reunite with the true Church of Christ but instead struggle against her. Then
      we shall sing “EternalMemory” for all departed defenders of Holy Orthodoxy
      and “Many Years” for those defenders of the Holy Orthodox faith and Church
      who are still among the living.

      Sermon on Sunday of Orthodoxy 1971


      brotherhood of st Nephon - NYC - br.hadzi
      Stefan~Igor - bratstvo sv Nifona



      "Ovo je vera Apostolska,
      ovo je vera Otaca,
      ovo je vera Pravoslavna,
      - potvrdite ovu univerzalnu veru."

      Voljena braco i sestre u Gospodu, cucete ove svecane i znacajne reci sluzbe
      Pravoslavlja koji je Sveta Crkva ustanovila da se sluzi na ovaj dan.
      Prva Nedelja Svetog i Velikog Posta se zavrsila, nedelja pojacanih molitvi i
      isposnickog pokajanja.  Sada je Sveta Crkva, zeleci da nas ohrabri i utesi,
      ustanovila za nas u ovoj prvoj sedmici Velikog Posta, na prvu nedelju ,
      duhovnu proslavu, onu koja je najdraza i najbliza nasim srcima ,Pobedu

      Ovu proslavu je prvo odsluzio 842 godine u Konstantinopolju u prisustvu
      Blazene Carice Teodore Njegova Svetost Patrijarh Metodije u pomen na
      svrgavanje poslednje strasne jeresi koja je uzdrmala Hristovu Crkvu, jeres
      ikonoborstva.  Ali, u ovoj proslavi Sveta Crkva obelezava pobedu svete
      Pravoslavne vere uopste, njenu pobedu nad svim bezboznim jeresima, laznim
      ucenjima i raskolima.  Gospod nas Isus Hrist Spasitelj je osnovao Njegovu
      Crkvu na zemlji da bi se svi koji joj pripadaju mogli spasiti, da bi izbegli
      mreze djavolje i usli u Nebesko Carstvo za njih pripremljeno.  Djavo je
      upotrebio svu svoju snagu da zbaci i unisti Crkvu Hristovu i da, kroz ovo,
      spreci spasenje coveka.  Prvo je podigao strasni progon protiv Crkve od
      strane Jevreja i pagana.  Tokom skoro tri veka krv Hriscanskih mucenika je
      tekla bez prestanka.  Ali, djavo ne uspe u svom zadatku.  Krv mucenika, po
      odgovarajucem izrazu Hriscanskog apologete Tertulijana, je postala "seme

      Hriscanstvo je nadvladalo svoje progonitelje.  "Krotka jagnjad Hristovog
      stada promenila su vuciji bes svojih progonitelja u krotost kao u jagnjeta".

      Ali, djavo nije mirovao posle poraza koji je podneo od ruku mucenika.  Kada
      je Crkva HRISTOVA pobedila u svetu, on je podigao novi, cak opasniji progon
      protiv Nje: iznutar Crkve, kao sto je Sveti Apostol Pavle predskazao u svom
      razgovoru sa Efeskim prezviterima, ljudi ustase "govoreci iskvarene stvari". 
      Pavle je takve ljude nazivao "strasnim vukovima" (Dela 20:29-30).  To su bili
      takozvani "jeretici" koji su pokusali da iskvare istinsko predanje Hristovo
      koje se ticalo vere i poboznosti da bi ovo ucenje ucinili nedelotvornim za
      ljude.  Kad se ovo desilo, Sveta Crkva se u licnostima svojih najboljih slugu
      naoruzala protiv ovih jeretika da bi odbranila svoje istinsko, neiskvareno
      predanje.  Tada su poceli da se sazivaju prvo lokalni a onda i vaseljanski
      sabori.  Episkopi su se sakupljali iz svih krajeva sveta i Duhom Svetim
      davali glas cistoj i neiskvarenoj Istini, sledeci primer Prvog Apostolskog
      Sabora Jerusalimskog (Dela 15:6-29).  Oni su takodje odstranjivali jeretike
      od Crkve i bacali na njih anateme.  Ovo je bilo u skladu sa jasnom zapovescu
      Samog Gospoda Naseg Isusa Hrista koji je rekao, "ako li ne poslusa ni Crkvu,
      da ti bude kao neznabozac i carinik." (Metju 18:17).  I u saglasnosti sa
      zapovescu Svetog Apostola Pavla, tog velikog "apostola svih naroda" koji je
      rekao, "Ali ako i mi, ili andjeo s neba javi vam jevandjelje drugacije nego
      sto vam javismo, proklet da bude" (Galati 1:8).  A na drugom mestu govori:
      Ako ko ne ljubi Gospoda Isusa Hrista, da bude proklet, maran ata (I Kor.

      Tako nasa dirljiva, prekrasna i svecana sluzba PRAVOSLAVLJA potice od Samog
      naseg Gospoda Isusa Hrista i od Njegovog velikog Apostola, koga je On pozvao
      da bude "apostol naroda", i.e. celog paganskog sveta.

      Od devetog veka Sveta Crkva je ustanovila da se ovaj obred sluzi u prvoj
      Nedelji Svetog Velikog Posta i da treba da se nazove "Nedelja Pravoslavlja".

      Obred je, braco i sestre, narocito vazan i znacajan u zlim vremenima koja
      prezivljavamo, vremena u kojima se Pravoslavna vera ljulja i uzdrmana je. 
      Ovo ljuljanje i uzdrmanost Pravoslavne vere je upravo zbog osoba koje bi
      trebalo da je jacaju i podrzavaju u dusama vernika.  Oni koji bi trebalo da
      su stubovi Svetog Pravoslavlja, jerarsi na uticajnim pozicijama,
      ukljucujuci i poglavare odredjenih Pomesnih Crkava - odstupaju od Istine
      SVETOG PRAVOSLAVLJA.  Strasno je da moramo reci da je cak poglavar
      Konstantinopoljske Crkve, znane kao "Vaseljenska" Crkva, covek smatran za
      prvog jerarha u svom PRAVOSLAVLJU, taj koji je i zapoceo ovaj put!  Na svemu
      ovome bez sumnje lezi pecat Otpadnistva o kome je Sveti Apostol Pavle
      predskazao (II Sol. 2-3) otpadanje Hriscana od Hrista.

      Mi smo sada suoceni sa tim Otpadnistvom.  Glavna opasnost istinskoj
      Hriscanskoj veri, Pravoslavnoj veri, je tako zvani "Ekumenisticki Pokret", na
      cijem je celu ono sto znamo kao "Svetski Savez Crkava", telo koje porice
      doktrinu jedinstva i bezgresnosti Istinske Crkve Hristove i pokusava da
      stvori od svih postojecih i iskvarenih vera, novu "laznu - Crkvu" koja ce, sa
      naseg stanovista, bez ikakve sumnje biti "Crkva" Antihrista, na celu te lazne
      crkve, ce biti Antihrist, za ciji se sada dolazak ubrzano obavljaju pripreme
      u svetu.

      Od predanja Reci Bozije i Svetih Otaca Crkve, znamo da ce Antihrist biti i
      religijski i politicki vodja celog covecanstva:  on ce stajati na celu nove
      svetske lazne crkve; takodje ce biti i upravljac jedne nove svetske vlasti i
      da ce pokusati da sve podcini svojoj apsolutnoj vlasti.  Pravoslavna vera -
      ovo je "vera Apostolska", "vera Otacka", vera koju su Apostolski Oci,
      direktni ucenici Svetih Apostola, i Sveti Oci i Ucitelji Crkve i njihovi
      zakoniti naslednici, ustanovlili Svetim Duhom, protumacena za nas u njihovim
      prekrasnim i nadahnutim pisanjima.  Braco i sestre, mi ovu veru moramo
      nepokolebljivo drzati ako zelimo vecno spasenje!  Sada cemo sa vama obaviti
      ovaj duboko instruktivni, dirljivi i visoko svecani obred koji se sastoji od
      dva dela: prvi deo je molitva Svete Crkve za sve one koji su se udaljili od
      istinske Pravoslavne vere; u drugom delu Sveta Crkva objavljuje strasnu
      anatemu protiv svih laznih ucitelja, jeretika i otpadnika koji su postali
      tvrdoglavi u svojoj opakosti i koji ne zele da se ujedine sa istinskom Crkvom
      Hristovom nego se, umesto toga, bore protiv Nje.  Onda cemo pojati "Vecnaja
      Pamjat" za sve upokojene branioce Svete Pravoslavne vere i "Mnogaja Leta" za
      one branioce Svete Pravoslavne vere koji su jos medju zivima.
      p.s Dusa
      Beseda na
      Nedelju Pravoslavlja
      Arhiepiskop Averki

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