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  • maureengirard
    ... naive. I ... to block ... policy is to ... employment, ... 2000) there ... slowed ... feast day ... enter ... Palestinians ... homes ... Israeli forces ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2002
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      > Dear Gerry,
      > Your question regarding access of Palestinians to churches is a bit
      naive. I
      > wouldn't argue that there is a concrete policy by the Israeli Army
      to block
      > Palestinians from attending churches specifically, rather the
      policy is to
      > restrict their movement ANYWHERE, including to their places of
      > medical treatment, relatives ten miles away, etc.
      > However even before the start of the present conflict (September
      2000) there
      > were certain occasions when Palestinians have been detained or so
      > down by Israeli security that they were unable to attend major
      feast day
      > services (for example, people from Bethlehem area not being able to
      > Jerusalem for Dormition services in Jerusalem, difficulty for
      > to travel to Mount Tabor for Transfiguration, etc.)
      > At the present time life is a disaster for Palestinian Christians:
      > damaged, employment opportunities nil, families terrorized by
      Israeli forces
      > entering their homes. Sadly many would consider leaving the Holy
      Land in
      > order to protect their children, though visa restrictions and lack
      of income
      > make it pretty much impossible for them.
      > Diminishing of the local Christian community will also have a
      > effect and weaken the vitality of the Holy Sites visited in normal
      times by
      > so many pilgrims from all over the world. It would be very welcome
      to have
      > the world Christian community make a more concerted effort to prod
      > governments to work to a peaceful resolution to the conflict here.
      > sr. Maria, Bethany

      I have a student from Bethlehem. He and his whole family are
      Orthodox Christians. As of 4 PM today, he has been unable to reach
      those who are still there. He also told me that the windows of the
      Church of the Nativity were blown out.
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      > > Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 02:54:21 -0000
      > > From: "ptomac_belgorod" <ptomac_belgorod@y...>
      > >Subject: RE: Orthodox Mission in Jerusalem
      > >
      > >I hate to get off of the topic, but is there any truth to the
      > >that Palestinians who are Orthodox are being denied the opportunity
      > >to attend their Churches???
      > >I have read where Orthodox Churches have been damaged by troops and
      > >others killed. But I have yet to find out anything concrete about
      > >religious restrictions.
      > >No I am not being anti-Semetic by asking this question because I
      > >that nowhere would the Orthodox Church condone any sort of violence
      > >from either side. I am just curious to know.
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      > >Thanks
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