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Mansonville Synod.... help!

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  • Sl Angelsky
    Do you know why in the late 1960 s Saint John Maximovitch, got involved in legal battles?? It was because of fanatics who wanted him gone as Archbishop of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2002
      Do you know why in the late 1960's Saint John
      Maximovitch, got involved in legal battles??

      It was because of fanatics who wanted him gone as
      Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco, for
      offering up prayers to the newly installed Patriarch
      Alexey 1.

      So the Russian fanatics wanted him gone for this,
      which they ultimately failed, and Saint John was
      Glorified before God.

      Suring any times of trouble, Saint John would tell the
      faithful, to trust in your bishop, for the church lies
      with them. I admit there are things that bother me,
      and many others...

      But Moscow has not done the things the Synod of
      bishops of the Church Abroad have requested, so
      communion is still severed!!!

      These fantics are leaving for things that havent
      occured. They leave, because they think "things" are
      going to happen!

      This is Orthodox fanaticsm..

      They like to talk about the spirit of "something" that
      has entered the church through new-calendarists and
      modernists and ecumenists and so forth, yet I would
      simply ask that they look in the mirror and see all
      the damage that they are causing. Their outlandish
      judgments of people they have never met, their open
      condemnation of their bishops and hierarchs.

      I have been with the Church Abroad for 67 years, and
      the Church Abroad I am apart of is the same Church
      Abroad I fled with from Serbia those many years ago,
      If the Church Abroad has changed, it has moved more to
      the right then anything. I was born Orthodox, I was
      raised Orthodox, I knew St. John very well, I knew
      Father Justin Popvich, I knew St. Nicholas
      Velimirovich very well, and may I say, that the
      Orthodoxy they preached, which I had the blessing to
      hear first hand from all three, is the same as the
      Orthodoxy that the Church Abroad upholds till this

      And I am furious with half-wits who have not lived
      with the Church Abroad long enough to make any
      intelligent comment regarding them. Converts who
      think they know more than the Orthodox who have been
      there long before they came along. All I hear is
      blasphemous talk from arrognat people, who are so
      willing to condemn the Church to condemn Christ.
      Varnave is the ring leader, I remember in the early
      80's, when he was up for a possible bishopric, many
      faithful did not want him to become a bishop, because
      they felt he and his extremist tendensies, would
      create schism in the church.. Even Vladyka Filaret was
      against it, privately of course, anyone with class
      would not bring things like this out in the open, but
      I feel I must speak out!!

      I will only say, in the words of Vladyka John, "Remain
      faithful to the Synod and to the Church Abroad"

      Especially when nothing has occured!!

      We are still in communion with Serbia and Jerusalem.
      We are not in communion with new-calendarists, which
      may I say, Saint John served with new calendarist
      bishops many times, as did Father Justin and St.
      Nicholai Velimirovich.

      They are not outside Orthodoxy, they have been
      attacked head first by the evil one, and it has
      tainted their church, and we so openly condemn them,
      at the same time we turn our backs on them.. We must
      help them.

      Same thing with Moscow. How are you suppose to have
      dialogue with someone if you turn your back on them
      and refuse their existense, not even giving them the
      proper respect. Even Vladyka Filaret said "we cannot
      indefinately remain seperate from the Moscow Church."
      They are incomplete without us as are we without them,
      we both will not survive without each other. They are
      coming to understand that, and so must we.

      >>>>He didn't hand over his staff to the New Metr.

      He didnt hand over his staff to the next hierarch
      because he was stolen!!!

      I know a few people, who have known Vladyka for nearly
      fifty years, as long as he's been a bishop, who cant
      even speak to him in Mansonville, any one who doesnt
      believe and who knows Vladyka well, try calling
      there.. See if you can get him on the phone, you will
      find that this impossible, they always have an excuse
      for anyone not to talk to him. Anyone who knows
      Vladyka, knows how easy it was to get him on the
      phone, The last time I called him, was to ask his
      advise regarding one of my kids, and another thing, he
      would always call people to wish them a happy name
      day, always!! He did not do that for me, or for anyone
      else I know in recent months. He called me last year
      to wish me a happy name day, he called George, he
      called Piotr, etc. Except this year nothing!!

      Why? I mean am I the only one, who notices these
      things?? Not him not wishing me a happy name day. It
      is the overall change. They keep him locked up!!!

      You know what, I am going to go up there myself to
      speak with him alone. And let's see if that can
      happen, and I am going to take someone with me to
      document it, with a hidden camera and eveything.

      Because he is the only one their who is legitimate,
      and they keep a strangle hold on him.

      And I can bet, that they are not going to let me talk
      to him.. If I can get to him, which I doubt, and it
      would be a wasted trip, but at least I will have
      evidence that they are restricting his personal
      freedom, If I can get to talk to him though, I am
      going to tell him, their are now two ROCOR churches,
      Varnava has established a second church and has used
      your nakme to create schism in the Church Abroad,
      small as it may be. Yet it has been done. And well
      shall se, if Andrew or Fr. Serge, ooh excuse me,
      "bishop" Serge are going to let me in the door.. I
      really believe they wont let me see the Metropolitan,
      who married me no less to my wife of 30 years, when he
      was Archbishop.. Let's just say for those of you who
      dont know me, Vladyka and my family have been very
      close for many years, he and my father were very close

      What they are doing is bringing the Mathewitte heresy
      into the Russian church, which was condmened by all
      the Metropolitans and all the Synods of the Church
      Abroad throughout the years..

      With Christ's Love,

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      > Be careful not to take words out of context.
      > Metr.Vitaly. many priests and people begged the
      Bishops to rescind the
      > letter to Patr.Pavel and the commitee for dialogue
      with MP.
      > One Bishop did not sign the statement of the Synod
      and Metr.Vitaly and 2
      > other Bishops rescinded their signature until there
      was a another conference
      > to go over this statement the Synod made. At the
      second Council Metr.Vitaly
      > was forced to resign and left an hoyr into the first
      meeting. He didn't hand
      > over his staff to the New Metr.
      > Hence, the Robber Synod!
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      > To everyone who is indeed bothered by the actions of
      the people from
      > Mansonville, the ROCiE..
      > Which has been bothering me for some time, I came
      across a quote made by
      > Saint John the Wonderworker, in the San Francisco
      News Call Bulletin on
      > Aptil 29, 1963, which may help to ease the pain of
      we who are simply caught
      > in the middle. I offer it to this group...
      > ------
      > "I'm a monk so I have to obey whatever the synod
      decides ... obey without
      > asking questions."
      > "remain faithful to the synod," and to "abstain from
      hasty action."
      > Vladyka's wisdom, echoing from the grave.
      > With Love In Christ,
      > Nektarius
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