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Love of God - Sv Ignatije - Ljubav Bozija

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    serbian-english text Love of God st. Ignatius Brianchaninov   Love God as He commanded you to love Him, and not as self-deluded daydreamers think they love
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      serbian-english text

      Love of God
      st. Ignatius Brianchaninov

      Love God as He commanded you to love Him, and not as self-deluded daydreamers
      think they love Him.
      Do not fabricate raptures for yourself, do not excite your nerves, do not
      inflame yourself with a material fire, with the fire of your blood. The
      sacrifice pleasing to God is humility of heart, contrition of spirit. With
      wrath does God turn away from sacrifices offered with self-confident
      presumption, with a proud opinion of oneself, though the sacrifice be a whole
      burnt offering.
      Pride excites the nerves, heats the blood, arouses daydreaming, enlivens the
      life of the fall; humility calms the nerves, subdues the motion of the blood,
      eliminates daydreaming, mortifies falls, enlivens the life in Jesus Christ.
      "Obedience" before the Lord "is greater than good sacrifice, and submission
      than the fat of rams," said the Prophet to the Israelite king who had dared
      to offer to God a wrong sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22). When you wish to offer to
      God the sacrifice of love, do not offer it self-willfully, from a thoughtless
      impulse; offer it with humility, in that time and that place which the Lord
      The spiritual place on which alone spiritual sacrifices are commanded to be
      offered is humility. (Saying of St. Pimen the Great from the Alphabetical
      The Lord marked the one who loves and the one who does not love by true and
      exact signs: "If a man love Me, he will keep My word. He that loveth Me not
      keepeth not My sayings" (John 14:23-24).
      Do you wish to learn the love of God? Shun every deed, word, thought, and
      feeling forbidden by the Gospel. By your enmity towards sin which is so hated
      by All-holy God, you will show and prove your love for God. When due to
      weakness it happens that you fall into transgressions, heal them at once by
      repentance. But it is better to strive not to allow yourself even these
      transgressions, by strict watchfulness over yourself.
      Do you wish to learn the love of God? Assiduously learn the commandments of
      the Lord in the Gospel, and strive to fulfill them in very deed. Strive to
      turn the Gospel virtues into habits, into your qualities. For a person who
      loves, it is natural to fulfill the will of the beloved with exactness.
      "I have loved Thy commandments more than gold and topaz: therefore, I
      directed myself toward all Thy commandments; every path of unrighteousness
      have I hated," says the Prophet (Ps. 118:127, 128, LXX). Such conduct is
      indispensable for maintaining fidelity to God. Fidelity is the unalterable
      condition of love. Without this condition, love is dissolved.
      By the constant shunning of evil and fulfilling of the Gospel virtues-which
      comprises the whole Gospel moral teaching-we attain the love of God. And by
      this same means do we abide in the love of God: "If ye keep My commandments,
      ye shall abide in My love," said the Savior (John 15:10).
      The perfection of love consists in union with God; advancing in love is
      joined with inexpressible spiritual consolation, delight, and enlightenment.
      But in the beginning of the struggle, the disciple of love must undergo a
      violent warfare with himself, with his own deeply damaged nature: evil, which
      through the fall became innate to our nature, has become for it a law,
      warring and revolting against the Law of God, against the law of holy love.
      Love of God is founded on love of one's neighbor. When the remembrance of
      wrongs is obliterated in you: then you are close to love. When your heart is
      overshadowed by holy, grace-given peace towards all humanity: then you are at
      the very doors of love. But these doors are opened by the Holy Spirit alone.
      Love of God is a gift from God in a person who has prepared himself to
      receive this gift by purity of heart, mind, and body. The degree of the gift
      is according to the degree of preparation: because God, even in His mercy, is
      Love of God is entirely spiritual: "that which is born of the Spirit is
      spirit" (John 3:6). "That which is born of the flesh is flesh" (John 3:6):
      carnal love, as something born of flesh and blood, has material, corrupt
      properties. It is inconstant, changeable: its fire is completely dependent on
      Hearing from Scripture that our God is a fire (Heb.12:29), that love is a
      fire, and feeling in yourself a fire of natural love, do not think that this
      is one and the same fire. No! These fires are at enmity with one another and
      are swallowed up by one another (Ladder, steps 3 and 15). "Let us serve in a
      manner well-pleasing to God, with reverence and fear; for our God is a
      consuming fire" (Heb. 12:28-29).
      Natural love, i.e. fallen love, heats a person's blood, excites his nerves,
      and arouses daydreaming; holy love cools the blood, calms both soul and body,
      draws the inner man towards prayerful silence, and immerses him in rapture
      through humility and spiritual delight. Many ascetics, having taken natural
      love for Divine love, excited their blood, and excited their daydreams also.
      The condition of excitement passed very easily into a condition of frenzy.
      Many took those who were in a state of excitement and frenzy for persons
      filled with grace and holiness, while they were actually unfortunate victims
      of self-delusion.
      There were many such ascetics in the Western Church from the time it fell
      into heresy, in which Divine properties are blasphemously ascribed to a man,
      and veneration which is due and fitting to God alone is given to a man; many
      of these ascetics wrote books from their excited condition in which frenzied
      self-delusion seemed to them to be divine love, in which their disordered
      imagination painted for them a multitude of visions which flattered their
      self-love and pride.
      Son of the Eastern Church! Shun the reading of such books, avoid following
      the precepts of those who are self-deluded. Guided by the Gospel and the holy
      Fathers of the true Church, ascend with humility to the spiritual height of
      Divine love by the means of fulfilling Christ's commandments in deed.
      Know firmly that love for God is the highest gift of the Holy Spirit, and a
      person can only prepare himself, through purity and humility, for the
      receiving of this great gift, through which mind and heart and body are
      In vain is the labor, fruitless is it and harmful, when we seek to discover
      in ourselves high spiritual gifts prematurely: merciful God gives them in His
      own time, to the constant, patient, humble fulfillers of the Gospel
      commandments. Amen.

      brotherhood of st Nephon - NYC - br.hadzi Stefan~Igor - bratstvo sv Nifona

      Sv. Ignjatije Braincaninov

      Voli Boga kao sto ti je On zapovedio da Ga volis, a ne kao sto prelesteni
      mastari misle da Ga vole.  Ne izmisljaj zanose za sebe, ne uzbudjuj svoje
      nerve, ne uzplamtavaj sebe materijalnom vatrom, vatrom krvi svoje.  Zrtva
      ugodna Bogu je smernost srca, skrusenost duse.  u Gnevu se Bog okrece od
      zrtava koje se nude sa samouverenim uobrazenjem, sa gordim misljem o sebi,
      iako bi zrtva bila zrtva paljenica.

      Ponos uzbudjuje nerve, podgreva krv, podstice mastanje, daje polet zivotu u
      stanju pada;  smernost umiruje nerve, stisava kretanje krvi, odstanjuje
      mastanje, umrtvljuje pad, ozivljava zivot u Isusu Hristu.  "Poslusnost" pred
      Gospodom "je bolja od dobre zrtve, a pokornost od pretilne ovnujske", rekao
      je Prorok Izrailjskom kralju koji se usudio da Bogu ponudi pogresnu zrtvu (1
      Samuil 15:22).  Kad zelis da Bogu ponudis zrtvu ljubavi, ne nudi je
      samo-voljno, iz bezrazumnog impulsa; ponudi je sa poniznoscu, u ono vreme i
      na onom mestu koje je Gospod zapovedio.

      Duhovno mesto na kome je samo zapovedjeno da se prinose duhovne zrtve je
      smirenije (Izreke Sv. Pimena Velikog iz Alfabetskog Otacnika).

      Gospod je obelezio onoga koji Ga voli i onoga koji ne voli istinskim i
      preciznim znacima: "Ko ima ljubav k Meni,  drzace rec Moju, koji nema ljubavi
      k Meni, ne drzi se mojih reci" (Jovan 14:23-24).

      Zelis li da naucis ljubav Boziju?  Kloni se svakog dela, reci, misli i
      osecanja koje Evandjelje zabranjuje.  Svojom mrznjom prema grehu, koji
      Svesveti Bog tako mrzi, pokazaces i dokazati svoju ljubav za Boga.  Kada se,
      radi slabosti  i desi da padnes u sagresenja, odmah ih izleci pokajanjem. 
      Ali, bolje je truditi se da ne dozvolis sebi cak i da padnes u ove grehe,
      strogom paznjom nad sobom.

      Zelis li da naucis ljubav Boziju?  Revnosno nauci zapovesti Gospodnje iz
      Evandjelja, i trudi se da ih ispunis u svakom delu.  Trudi se da okrenes
      Evandjeljske vrline u naviku, u svoje kvalitete.  Za onoga ko voli, prirodno
      je da tacno ispuni volju onoga koga voli.

      "Ljubim zapovesti Tvoje vecma nego zlato i drago kamenje; Toga radi zapovesti
      Tvoje drzim da su verne, na svaki put lazni mrzim", kaze Prorok (Ps.
      118:127-128, LXX).  Takvo ponasanje je neophodno za odrzanje odanosti Bogu. 
      Odanost je nepromenljivi uslov ljubavi.  Bez ovog uslova, ljubav se

      Stalnim uklanjanjem od zla i ispunjavanjem Evandjelskih vrlina - koje
      sacinjavaju svu Evandjeljsku moralnu pouku -   mi sticemo ljubav Boziju.  I
      istim ovim sredstvima boravimo u ljubavi Bozijoj: "Ako zapovedi Moje drzite,
      ostacete u ljubavi Mojoj", rekao je Spasitelj (Jovan 15:10).

      Savrsenstvo ljubavi se sastoji u jedinstvu sa Bogom; napredovanje u ljubavi
      se ujedinjuje sa neiskazanom dusevnom utehom, srcom i prosvecenjem.  Ali, na
      pocetku borbe, ucenik ljubavi mora proci kroz tezak rat sa samim sobom, sa
      svojom duboko ostecenom prirodom: zlom, koje je preko naseg pada postalo
      sastavni deo nase prirode, postalo za nju zakon, ratujuci i dizuci se protiv
      Zakona Bozijeg, protiv zakona svete ljubavi.

      Ljubav za Boga je zasnovana na ljubavi svog bliznjeg.  Kad je secanje na
      pogreske izbrisano u tebi: tada si blizu ljubavi.  kAda ti je srce zasenjeno
      svetim, blagocestivim mirom prema svim ljudima: tada si na samim vratima
      ljubavi.  Ali, ova vrata otvara samo Sveti Duh.  Ljubav za Boga je dar od
      Boga u onome ko se pripremio da primi ovaj dar cistotom srca, misli i tela. 
      Nivo dara zavisi od stepena pripreme: jer je Bog, cak i u milosti, pravedan.

      Ljubav od Boga je sasvim duhovna: "sto je rodjeno od Duha duh je" (Jovan
      3:6).  "Sto je rodjeno od tela, telo je" (Jovan 3:6): telesna ljubav, kao
      nesto rodjeno od mesa i krvi ima materijalne, kvarljive osobine.  Ona je
      nestalna, promenljiva: njen oganj sasvim zavisi od tvari.

      Slusajuci iz Evandjelja da je nas Bog oganj koji spaljuje (Jevr. 12:29), ta
      ljubav je vatra, a osecajuci u sebi plamen prirodne ljubavi, ne misli da je
      to jedna te ista vatra.  Ne!  Ove vatre su u neprijateljstvu jedna sa drugom
      i gutaju jedna drugu (Lestvica, stepeni 3 i 15).

      Prirodna ljubav, npr. zaljubljenost, zagreva covekovu krv, uzbudjuje nerve, i
      podstice sanjarenje: sveta ljubav hladi krv, smiruje i dusu i telo, povlaci
      unutrasnjost coveka prema molitvenoj tisini, i utapa ga u zanos kroz
      poniznost i dusevnu radost.  Mnogi podviznici, prihvatajuci prirodnu ljubav
      za Bozansku ljubav, uzbudjuju svoju krv, a uzbudjuju i svoje mastanje. 
      Stanje uzbudjenja vrlo lako prelazi u stanje ludila mnogi su zamenjivali
      podviznike u ovom stanju za ispunjene blagodacu i svetoscu, dok su oni u
      stvari bili nesrecne zrtve prelesti.

      Mnogo je takvih podviznika bilo u Zapadnoj Crkvi od vremena kada su pali u
      jeres, gde su Bozanske odlike bogohulno pripisivane coveku, i postovanje koje
      se daje i odgovara samo Bogu se daje coveku; mnogi od ovih podviznika su
      pisali knjige u svojim stanjima zanosa u kojima je pomahnitala prelest njima
      izgledala kao bozanska ljubav, u kojima je njihova iskvarena masta njima
      slikala mnostvo vizija koje su laskale njihovoj samo-ljubavi i gordosti.

      Sine Istocne Crkve! Kloni se citanja takvih knjiga, izbegavaj da sledis
      pisanje onih koji su u prelesti.  Rukovodjen Evandjeljem i svetim Ocima
      istinske Crkve, poniznoscu se uzdigni do duhovne visine Bozanske ljubavi
      ispunjavajuci Hristove zapovesti na delu.

      Cvrsto znaj da je ljubav za Boga najvisi dar Svetoga Duha, i osoba se moze
      samo pripremati kroz cistotu i poniznost za primanje ovog velikog dara, preko
      koga se misli i srce i telo menjaju.  Uzalu je trud, besplodno je i stetno
      kada trazimo da u sebi otkrijemo visoke duhovne darove prevremeno:  milosrdni
      Bog ih daje u Njegovo vreme, stalnim, trpeljivim, poniznim ispuniteljima
      Evandjelskih zapovesti.  Amin.
      prevod sestra Dusa

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