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Fwd: Orthodox Travelogue: St. Herman's Conference

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  • Daniel Lieuwen
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    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2001
      >Friday, I left work about 7:00-7:30 pm. I went the wrong way on the Garden
      >State Parkway which cost me about an hour. During trip, I finished the St.
      >Nikodemus the Hagiorite Publication Society�s recent 12-tape set on the Ten
      >Commandments. I checked into the conference after 9:00. I was blessed in
      >being put in an �adult� room with only one roommate. He felt quite
      >talkative Friday evening, so I did not get to sleep until midnight, and
      >that only because I told him I needed some sleep. In a �younger�, fuller
      >room, that probably would not have been effective.
      >Saturday morning, caught a ride from hotel to St. Alexander Nevsky�s
      >Cathedral with a Matushka and her children and another conference
      >participant. Traffic was bad, so we were late to morning prayers. Learned
      >lesson from that and gave self plenty of time in future. Had breakfast,
      >lectures, and lunch there. Saw bookstore where I saw movies on lives of
      >saints that I thought would be of interest to several friends, so made some
      >phone calls in ride back to hotel (caught ride with my roommate).
      >Came back after a short nap for Vigil. I drove and took some people with
      >me. After Vigil, had some dinner. After coming back to hotel, took a nap.
      > I was on hall monitor duty between midnight and 4:30. (I sent my fellow
      >�girl�s floor� monitor to bed at 3:30 as things had calmed down and there
      >was no reason for both of us to be up. The �boy�s floor� monitor stayed up
      >till 6:00, which was the time we were told to be prepared to stay up till.
      >I caught my last naught boy about 4:00-4:15. However, the other monitor
      >caught one about 5:30.)
      >One of the guys I caught was kind of funny. About 12:30, he came to get
      >some girl�s to go to hospitality suite (which was open till 2:00). By
      >then, we had done room-to-rom search to make sure each room had only its
      >prescribed inhabitants. I asked him what he was doing on that floor past
      >the legal time. He asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was a
      >fair bit older than him. To which he responded that he was almost 30,
      >well� 22. He then asked if he carried a prayer book like me (I said
      >preperation for communion and morning prayers while doing hall monitor
      >duty) if he could hang around the floor too. He was rather funny, but did
      >what was told after giving me a good natured hard time.
      >(I am glad we had hall monitors. It raised the spiritual level
      >of the conference (as did refusing to allow some known trouble
      >makers to enroll). Past conferences had some issues. However, this
      >one left us with a happy hotel and minimal naughtiness. It also may
      >bring some people back to conference. I told a friend about it.
      >He had not sent his kids there because of previous naughtiness.
      >However, my reassurances about this has him thinking about next
      >Could not sleep --- just lay in bed saying Jesus Prayer. Drove to Liturgy.
      > Went to communion. Had lunch. After lunch, there was an after lunch
      >talk on Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Futre. Also, reminisces about
      >Fr. Seraphim Rose by a second speaker who spent a number of years in
      >Platina when he was there. Had a nice long conversation rather than head
      >back. We had Evening Prayers in the Old Church (now dedicated to the
      >Tikvin Icon of the Theotokos) built in the 1930�s --- where St. John of
      >Shanghai and San Francisco served while visiting. Also, where Abp. Anthony
      >was rector in the 1940s. Dinner. Caught a ride back to hotel with Anna
      >and Peter (visiting for part of day with his brother John). Others went to
      >ice skate or bowl. I was tired, so said prayers, wrote a letter, and went
      >to bed.
      >Monday, had sessions at hotel---breakfast, lectures, and lunch. Bought a
      >bunch of stuff at bookstore either Sun. or Monday afternoon. Also
      >Tues.---including church wine for parish. Vigil Monday night for St.
      >Herman�s Day. Then dinner at church and back to hotel.
      >Metr. Laurus and Bp. Gabriel celebrated at Tuesday�s hierarchical liturgy.
      >Went to communion. Lunch at church. Made purchases. Stayed for panel
      >discussion by priests and Bp. Gabriel. Then drove back, stopping at Fr.
      >David�s to show them the Guardian Angel icon I bought (inspired by one of
      >the lectures)
      >I had a good, profitable time.

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    • catherine elaine sullivan
      Sounds like a good conference. Wish we had more such for ADULTS. Maybe for church school teachers and administrators too. ===== Catherine
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 2, 2002
        Sounds like a good conference. Wish we had more such for ADULTS. Maybe for
        church school teachers and administrators too.


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