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Mother Of God Rejects Putin's Visit

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    VLADIMIR PUTIN UNABLE TO VISIT THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, DUE TO OMINOUS SIGNS Heavenly Powers interfere with Putin s visit to Athos -- that is the title given by
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2001

      "Heavenly Powers interfere with Putin's visit to Athos" -- that is the
      title given by the Internet publication "Lenta.Ru" to its report concerning
      the "Russian" president's sudden cancellation of his long-since-planned-for
      visit to the Holy Mountain of Athos -- the earthly appanage of the Mother
      of God. Putin was to have visited the unique monastic state, which
      prohibits the entry of women and where no saecular dwellers abide, during
      his official visit to Greece on December 8 - 9 [2001].

      According to the news-agency "RIA-Novosti," just before Putin's helicopter
      was to leave Salonica, a storm arose at sea, in the vicinity of the Holy
      Mountain; a fierce wind began to blow and snow started falling -- something
      that practically never happens in Greece. Besides that, during the night,
      on the eve of Putin's visit, there was a 5.0 earthquake, as a result of
      which the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon, where Putin was planning to
      stay over, suffered damage.

      So, instead of going to Athos, Putin set off for Vergina -- the city where
      the tomb of Philipp, the father of Alexander of Macedon, is located.

      -- GeoS

      "I foresee the re-establishment of a mighty Russia -- [a Russia] yet
      stronger and more powerful [than she is today]. Remember that it is upon
      the bones of martyrs just such as these that a new Rus' will be erected, as
      on a firm foundation; and yet, she will be fashioned after the old model
      and firm in her faith in Christ [our] God and in the Holy Trinity! And the
      Church will be as one, in accordance with the testament of Prince St.
      Vladimir! The Russian people have ceased to understand just what Rus' is:
      she is the foot-stool of the Lord's Throne! The Russian must realize this
      and thank God for the fact that he is a Russian." -- Holy and Righteous
      Ioann of Kronstadt

      Communing with great Russian literature (and culture in general), with its
      eternal humaneness and principled values, can be but beneficial for each
      person in expanding his horizons; and in those people who are capable of
      thought, it will even tend, in the final analysis, to stimulate them toward
      justice and liberty. -- Vladimir Rudinskii

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