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Third Anniversary Of The Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA

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  • Pietari ja Paula Genis
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Decani Monastery Relief Fund is three years old now. They are working hard to help all in need in war torn Kosovo. Let s help
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2001
      Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      The Decani Monastery Relief Fund is three years old now. They are working hard to help all in need in war torn Kosovo. Let's help them at least financially, if not both spiritually and financially.

      The announcement below is from the Fr. Nektarios web site : fr-d-serfes.org . He used to be Fr. Demetrios until very recently he was tonsured monk and elevated to the rank of Archmandrite.

      Please send all donations to:

      Decani Monastery Relief Fund
      C/O Mr. Veljko Sikirica
      4 West Hill Street
      Baltimore, MD 21230

      Peter Genis
      The Russian Finn. The Finnish Russian.
      Suomalainen Venalainen. Venalainen Suomalinen.


      Third Anniversary Of The Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA October 1998-October 2001
      Glory Be To God For All Things!
      Peace begins with love and helping one another!
      Peace and goodwill among all men!

      Dear Friends In Christ Our Lord,
      May the great peace, and love of Our Lord God be with you always!
      On the occasion of our third anniversary 1998-2001 of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, we humbly give thanks to Our Lord God, and to each of you for your great kindness, and help for this fund, as for the last past three years, many suffering souls have been helped in Kosovo, and Metohija!
      The Decani Monastery Relief Fund, would like to express to all American citizens of it's assurance of prayers, and sends it's sincere brotherly love to all, as well as it's dismay during the recent tragic events on September 11, 2001, that took place in both New York, and Washington, D.C. May Our Gracious Lord God guide and watch over all American people!
      His Holiness, Patriarch Pavle, and the Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Kosovo and Metohija, sends their deep regrets to the American people, and condemns every form of terrorism. In the meantime this same Synod of Bishops, appeals that the entire democratic world stop, prevent and eradicate terrorism everywhere where innocent people are being killed, including Kosovo and Metohija. If you would like to have the full text from His Holiness Patriarch Pavle, and the Synod Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in this regards please email me at father@...
      At the same time the Abbot of the Decani Monastery in Decani, Kosovo, Archimandrite Theodosius, and Hieromonk Sava, as well as the whole Brotherhood, also sends their assurance of prayers for all of the American people at their monastery.
      From the results of the destruction of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in New York from the recent tragic events on September 11th in America, the Decani Monastery Relief Fund would like to contribute 50% of the donations it receives within the next three months, to the fund the reconstruction of this Church in New York. Therefore we ask you to please humbly send a donation of your choice for the Decani Monastery Relief Fund. This fund will help the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, as well as the reconstruction of the Greek Orthodox Church in New York.
      Now I would like to share with you a up-to-date letter addressed by Hieromonk Sava, on behalf of the Abbot Archimandrite Theodosius, and Brotherhood of the Decani Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija:

      25 September 2001
      Dear Father Demetrios Serfes & Veljko Sikirica,
      Greetings In Christ Our Lord!
      I have just received your up-to-date report on the Decani Monastery Relief Fund (DMRF) donations in advance, and I am expressing our deep gratitude and joy that good people have not forgotten the suffering Orthodox Christians in Kosovo. For the last three years our Monastery could help so many poor and suffering thanks to the Fund and the great sacrifice of you Father Demetrios and brother Veljko. Your names as well as the names of our donors are in our everyday prayers and our hearts. But, what is the most important matter is that Our Lord God sees this great sacrifice of all those who wish to relieve suffering of others who live so far away. This love, manifested in readiness to renounce a part of one's own comfort and support those who suffer is the true demonstration of the Christian love ordered us by the Lord. This love is exactly that by which Our Lord will recognise us as His true followers.
      The life of the suffering Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo is not improving. Despite the efforts of the peacekeeping mission and UN administration Serbs continue living in complete isolation in their enclaves. They are deprived of basic security and freedom of movement from their homes, they do not have free access to city hospitals and university. Serbs are deprived of right of employment and live exclusively on humanitarian help which is dwindling more and more. After the war in Kosovo, in which international community came in order to provide freedom and security of all, Kosovo remains the place in which the human rights are most violated in Europe. It is enough for someone to be recognised as a Serb or Roma to be killed at the spot in Kosovo. Albanian gangs and mafia rule the region and the internationals remain helpless to prevent them to turn Kosovo into Columbia of Europe. However, this campaign against Serbs and Slavs in general is becoming a campaign against Christianity. More then "one hundred" Serbian Orthodox Churches have been demolished by Moslem Albanian extremists. Wherever there is a sign of a cross it is destroyed or deformed. Our cemeteries are being heaped up with so much garbage which Albanians bring from different cities to cover the last traces of Serbs. Many graves have been opened and bones scattered all around. In Kosovo, Albanian extremists are not waging a war against the living but also against the dead, against our centuries, old churches, and monasteries that are the landmarks of European Christianity. The Kosovo Albanian extremist leaders publicly deny that they received money from Islamic militants, which has been already proven, then a false message is sent that they are building democracy in Kosovo.
      I am taking this opportunity to express once again our full solidarity with the grief of so many Americans who lost their dear ones in the recent terrorist attacks. Kosovo Serb Christians can feel very well what the terrorism means because our daily lives are in constant danger of terrorist attacks and violence. As Christians we know that we must suffer in this world and therefore instead of cursing over evil doers we pray for them to repent and learn the truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who acts through terrorist in America, Kosovo, and elsewhere are not those poor people deceived by false religious ideals but the devil himself who wants the humans to hate one another. This means that the evil cannot be defeated by weapons only but primarily by love and prayer. The weapons can only temporarily deter those who plan to do evil, but only our repentance and love can transform their hearts and bring them back to the Lord.
      May Our Lord God protect us all and fill our hearts with His love, that we may see the image of the Lord in every human being. May God forgive our enemies who kill our innocent ones, destroy our churches and cemeteries and bring them to repentance.
      Yours In Christ Our Lord,
      Hieromonk Sava
      Decani Monastery, Decani, Kosovo & Metohija
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