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Re: [orthodox-synod] online treat, violence, my bishops, the president & Orthodox Christians

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  • VRev Christopher Calin
    Thank you, Fr. Seraphim, for making up the prayer cards. I will distribute them here to my parish this week. The Very Reverend Igumen Christopher (Calin), Dean
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2001
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      Thank you, Fr. Seraphim, for making up the prayer cards. I will distribute them here to my parish this week.

      The Very Reverend Igumen Christopher (Calin), Dean
      Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection
      New York City
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      From: Priest Seraphim Holland
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      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 2:06 PM
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] online treat, violence, my bishops, the president & Orthodox Christians

      "Lord, Bless My Enemies"
      A Prayer of St. Nikolai of Ochrid

      This version is perfect for folding in quarters.
      1. Copy double sided
      2. Fold in half, and carefully cut the fold with a knife
      3. Fold the two pieces in half and cut the folds.
      4. You will be left with 4 "Prayer Book" cards, with the prayer.

      A "Prayer Book" card is one which fits easily in the "Jordanville" and
      most other prayer books. It is made from a piece of standard 8.5 X 11
      paper (or card stock), cut in quarters.

      This is slightly different that the above document. It will work, but
      will be fixed up tonight.

      This is truly EDIFYING STUFF, and food for the soul.

      Much better to pray this prayer daily, then "pontificate" about the
      virtues of violent actions. I will distribute these cards to many
      parish Sunday.

      Who woulda thunk it! the Internet being used to INCREASE prayer and


      BTW Fr Hans, my experience is the same as Thomas' I have had some
      confide in me their anger, with thoughts like "Make Afghanistan a
      sheet of glass" , etc. I suppose more good thoughts are being
      expressed, but when when hears calls for violence without restraint
      and compassion, it certainly SEEMS to the soul as if the are
      "repeated" cries, even if only a few are heard.

      This is why I agree with my bishops characterization of the cried for
      violence being "everywhere". Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but
      nonetheless, I am sure that you will agree with me that violent, angry
      feelings put the soul at great risk, and constitute a "spiritual


      I am very proud of my bishops. Ain't nobody put out truly pastoral
      words, except them, and also Bishop Mercurios. It is good, VERY GOOD
      to establish relief funds, and we are doing that too, although not as
      visibly as other Orthodox bodies (not so much because we are more
      humble than the big boys, but because we in the Russian church seem to
      be against "organized religion"!)

      (An Orthodox fools)

      I am also very proud of my president. Of course, he is limited by
      heterodox beliefs, and I cannot condone his type of public prayer, but
      given his limitations, I am thrilled he did it.

      I also am thrilled at his restraint. Nobody has been bombed yet.
      Unfortunately, killing will happen, but I pray for his that he would
      be wise and compassionate, and would kill in order to cause LESS to
      die, worldwide.

      On one list, some misguided legalist tried to make me out to be an
      ecumenist because I wrote a letter to the president, and commended
      him, without giving him a laundry list of the 18,000 ways he is
      heterodox. Such STUPIDITY! Have some Orthodox forgotten how to be

      On this list (Orthodox-Forum) my emotional promise that I was going to
      pray with and for the president was "sound-bited" in order to so set
      up a straw man. Such pettiness! We are Christians. We therefore obey
      our rulers, and pray for them. We also obey the church, and pray in
      an Orthodox manner. This is a simple concept.

      A true Christian (Orthodox) can pray *with* the heterodox, if he is
      joining them in the same spirit and desire, and not break the canons.
      Such a Christian prays in an Orthodox manner, without looking for
      where the camera is, fully aware that across the county, millions of
      people are praying for the same thing at the same time (but not in
      the same way). This is a simple concept.

      God will judge us if we dare to scoff at other people's prayer. We
      cannot participate in heterodox prayer, but God chooses to do as He
      wishes. A prostitute once prayed that a dead boy would come back to
      life, and he did, to a widow's great joy. I make no judgment about the
      efficacy of another man's prayer, except that I am forbidden to join
      him, but must pray correctly, as an Orthodox Christian. Why do so many
      Orhtodox pine away to join the hetrodox. Are we not praying TO GOD,
      and not for the benefit of the camera, worldly prestige and

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