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Admiration, a pledge and a resolution for your consideration

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  • Priest Seraphim Holland
    National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims Of the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 Dear Mr President: I am sending you a resolution
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      National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims Of the
      Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001

      Dear Mr President:

      I am sending you a resolution regarding the heroic passengers of
      United Flight 93 for your consideration, which a friend of mine,
      Elizabeth Riggs, who lives near Atlanta, GA, has sent me. It is at the
      end of this short letter.

      May I say that your actions in general during your short tenure as our
      nations President have made me proud. You have restored dignity and
      decency to our nation's top office, and I believe firmly in my heart
      that you are a man of principal, and someone who not only talks
      "religiously" as all politicians usually do, but also actually prays.

      Your firmness, courage and restraint in these past tragic days have
      uplifted my soul. I am glad to see our nation's leader take the reigns
      of moral leadership. You are responding in a Christian way to this
      crisis, by not crying out for vengeance, while at the same time,
      making it clear to the world that you have the resolve to fight

      I am sure that you will make decisions that will cause people to die,
      most likely our combatants and the perpetrators, and even innocents,
      but that you will make no decision without feeling the full weight of
      your actions, and feeling great pain in your soul. I am sure that you
      will only authorize killing to prevent even more killing. I too, am a
      man who loves peace, and hates war, yet I realize as you do, that we
      at at war. I am confident that you will prosecute this war with
      dignity, restraint, compassion, prayer, and great personal anguish.

      I will pray for you and with you, not only in obedience to your
      proclamation on this day of remembrance and prayer, but also in order,
      if God hears my poor prayers, for you to have the strength and wisdom
      from God to carry out your tasks.

      Allow me to say one more thing, which I have been meaning to write for
      some time, before closing with the text of the proposed resolution.

      When you took office, you immediately showed me what kind of man you
      are by decisively and quickly cutting off funding to groups which fund
      abortion. That act, in the midst of your "honeymoon period", showed me
      that you have great courage. Politically, you would have benefited by
      delaying your action for a few weeks, in order to garner more
      favorable press. I was thrilled that you put principal above politics,
      and from that time, I have watched you with growing admiration.

      May God bless you and help you in all things.

      Your obedient servant,

      Priest Seraphim Holland
      St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas
      PHONE: 972/529-2754
      2102 Summit, McKinney, TX 75071

      CC: Vice President Dick Cheney
      CC: Laura Bush:
      CC: Lynne Cheney
      CC: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
      CC: Senator Phil Gramm
      BCC:Numerous mailing lists

      The email from Elizabeth follows

      Dear Listmates,

      I offer the following for your consideration. If you agree with it,
      please send it to your senators and representative.

      = = = = =

      Dear Senator / Representative:

      Whereas on September 11, 2001 United Flight 93 from Newark to San
      Francisco was hijacked and

      Whereas the intent of the hijackers was to crash the airliner into a
      building in Washington, DC and

      Whereas the passengers and flight attendants became aware of the plans
      of the hijackers and

      Whereas the passengers and flight attendants became aware of the
      attacks on the World Trade Center and

      Whereas the passengers and flight attendants along with members of the
      flight crew voted among themselves to resist the hijackers and if
      necessary to crash their airplane into an uninhabited area as possible

      Whereas flight 93 did, in fact, crash into an uninhabited area killing
      all the passengers, members of the flight crew and the hijackers but
      with no injury or death to civilians on the ground and

      Whereas the action of the passengers and members of the flight crew
      (with the exception of those identified as hijackers) displayed
      unprecedented bravery, patriotism and heroics

      THEREFORE be it resolved that all identified passengers and flight
      crew of United flight 93 (with the exception of those identified as
      hijackers) be awarded posthumously the Congressional Medals of Honor
      for their valor AND that said Medals be presented in a public ceremony
      to the closest surviving family member AND that at said public
      ceremony the President, Cabinet and Members of Congress express to the
      nation and to the surviving family members the pride and gratitude of
      the nation at their heroic and patriotic actions.

      Yours in Christ,
      Elizabeth Riggs, a sinner
      and Perennial Student
      Our Lady, the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church (ROCOR)
      Cumming, GA USA (Atlanta, GA area)
      Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
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