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"Collateral Damage" Hits Home (Sep. 11, 2001)

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      Thought you’d be interested in our Special Editorial Comment about today's
      tragic events in America.
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      Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 2001/9-2 11-Sep-2001
      Phoenix 1. "Collateral Damage" Hits Home

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      1. "Collateral Damage" Hits Home
      Matthew 26:52 - "Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for
      all who draw the sword will die by the sword."
      PHOENIX, Tuesday, Sep.11, 2001 - “I can’t believe what’s happening,” a
      shocked close friend said this morning about the deadliest attack on
      American soil since Pearl Harbor (or maybe even ever?). “No surprise
      there,” I replied. “I've seen too many tragedies (around the world) in the
      last 11 years, some firsthand as you know, to be fazed by anything anymore.”

      It wasn’t a blasé answer. Just factual. So I explained…

      When the "world's only superpower" and its allies bombed and killed
      thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Serbia, Americans were told it
      was just "collateral damage." After all, we, the "champions of democracy
      and the free world," were only fighting the murderous regimes of Saddam
      Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. Some civilian casualties were "regrettable,
      but unavoidable," the Pentagon, NATO or State Dept. spokesmen told us.
      Now the tables have turned. Terrorism begets terrorism. Unnamed terrorists,
      presumed to be "Islamic fundamentalists," have now killed thousands of
      innocent Americans while fighting, what they think are, the murderous
      regimes of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Now Americans know firsthand
      some of the terror the Baghdad or Belgrade residents felt when NATO bombers
      unloaded their deadly cargo on them. The only thing missing is the
      terrorists' spokesmen telling us now that "it was just "collateral damage;"
      that "some civilian casualties were regrettable, but unavoidable."
      What we did to Iraq and to Serbia was a case of state terrorism. What
      unnamed terrorists did to us today was retaliation to state terrorism.
      "Collateral damage" has come home to roost. "What goes around, comes
      around." "He who plays with fire, gets burned by fire."
      But make no mistake: This was NOT an “Attack on America,” as CNN and other
      networks are hailing. This was a strike at the heart of the Washington-led
      New World Order. Signs are unmistakable. Just look at the targets: The
      World Trade Center/Wall Street, the Pentagon... Some sources speculate that
      one or both of the two hijacked planes that crashed in Pennsylvania might
      have been destined for either the White House or the Capitol.
      America and Americans, meaning innocent civilians who perished today, are
      “just collateral damage.” As Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We are now
      paying for aggressions and crimes against humanity that our government has
      committed. Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We've become expendable.
      Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were.
      So whenever you hear a politician or a media personality say that this
      attack was “unprovoked;” that this was a murder of innocent “men, women and
      children;” that it was a strike at the “American way of life” - and no
      doubt you’ll see and hear much of that in the next hours and days - try a
      role reversal. Imagine that you’re listening to an Iraqi or a Serb
      politician using those words in reference to victims of American bombs. And
      then you’ll get a fuller picture of what transpired today.
      Meanwhile, madness also begets madness. The dust had not yet settled from
      the collapsed World Trade Center twin-towers, and already some “hawks” in
      the American government and media were crying for “retaliatory strikes.”
      That’s pretty shallow on several levels…

      First, the same “hawks” who are telling us bombastically that “America is
      at war” are at a loss to identify with whom. So who and what are we to
      retaliate against?
      Second, such “hawks” never learn. One only needs to look at the Middle East
      for an example of futility of violence. To stop anti-American terrorism,
      Washington must stop its own state terrorism. Both brands of terrorism are
      despicable and inexcusable.
      Finally, if there is a silver lining in this vast American tragedy; if
      there is one good thing that comes out of all this madness - let us hope it
      is the death of that "death merchant" scheme - the national Defense Missile
      Shield. The DMS was being rammed down the American taxpayers throats by
      both Clinton and Bush administrations, notwithstanding the opposition to it
      even from most of our allies.
      Now I have a very simple question for the American President: In light of
      what happened today in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, how would
      your national Defense Missile Shield have defended us from this attack?
      The answer is obvious. Congress should kill the sucker (DMS) before it
      kills us - financially and geopolitically!
      Meanwhile, may God have mercy upon the souls of all innocent people who
      died today as "collateral damage" of the Clinton/Bush arrogant foreign
      policy. The Washington-led New World Order has now come home to roost. For,
      "all who draw the sword will die by the sword."
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