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Fw: Rumours of Retirement

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    ... From: valichka To: Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001 6:57 PM Subject: Rumours of Retirement
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      Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001 6:57 PM
      Subject: Rumours of Retirement

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      > Date: Fri Jul 13, 2001 10:21 pm
      > Subject: Rumours of Retirement
      > Well what an interesting week!
      > Today I recieved very many phone calls and e-mails asking about the rumour
      > of
      > the Metropolitan being retired well here is the latest...!
      > I just received the call I was waiting for from New York. Here is the
      > story.
      > Archbishop Hilarion apparently leaked it out last night that the
      > metropolitan as going to be retired. Then this late morning both
      > Larus and Bishop Michael came to the Metropolitan's chambers to try
      > and convince him to retire. He refused saying that "there was no suitable
      > candidate at this point." Then a little later he was in the council
      > with all the other bishops who where trying to convince him to retire...
      > Well
      > he just came out about thirty minutes ago (6:00 P.M. approx.) and he
      > has not retired and will not at least until the next sobor in October. So
      > are safe until then! Please pass this onto all the lists where these silly
      > rumors where posted!
      > Fr. Andrew Kencis
      > P.S. maybe now Bishop Gabriel will give the metropolitan his full "petty
      > cash
      > allotment" that he cut back last week and the Metropolitan's cellphone
      > and cable access. The Metropolitan's antimens where already put back
      > on
      > the downstairs church... for some reason Archbishop lavra's where
      > found on the Altar.
      > Forgive me brothers all we want is to work on our salvation in peace
      > all this turmoil and temptation to be a part of "worldly orthodoxy"
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      > Sent: Friday, July 13, 2001 10:48 PM
      > Subject: Fw: on Apostasy
      > vladika Averky
      > We have neither the strength nor the authority to stop Apostasy, as
      > Bishop Ignatius stresses: "Do not attempt to stop it with your weak
      > But what then should we do?
      > "Avoid it, protect yourself from it, and that is enough for you. Get
      > to
      > know the spirit of the times, study it so that you can avoid its influence
      > whenever possible" this is what the same Bishop Ignatius teaches us.
      > And do not his words, written more than 100 years ago and so
      > related to our time, exude genuine prophetic inspiration and undoubted
      > enlightenment from on high: "Judging by the spirit of the age and the
      > intellectual ferment, one must suppose that the structure of the Church,
      > which has long been wavering, will collapse terribly and quickly. There is
      > no
      > one to stop or oppose this. The means adopted to support it are borrowed
      > from
      > the elements of the world which are hostile to the Church and will hasten
      > its
      > fall rather than prevent it. May the merciful Lord defend the remnant of
      > those who believe in Him. But this remnant is tiny, and it becomes more
      > more so."
      > Thus we evidently have lived to see this "terrible and quick
      > of the structure of the Church!"
      > The enemy of the human race is employing all his efforts and all his
      > means to pull it down, and he is widely supported in this by open and
      > apostates from the true faith and Church, including even those who have
      > betrayed their high vocations and oaths as clergymen and even as hierarchs
      > heading certain individual churches.
      > In truth, we are experiencing a terrible time a time such as has
      > never before been seen in the history of Christianity, in the history of
      > mankind! A time of almost total instability!
      > And insofar as we wish to remain faithful to true Orthodoxy, many
      > obligations are placed upon us.
      > We must, as Bishop Ignatius instructs us, avoid and protect
      > from the Apostasy which is growing so rapidly in the world. We must defend
      > ourselves against the corrupting spirit of the times to avoid its
      > And to this end we must first of all understand and never forget:
      > that at the present time not everything that bears the most holy and
      > most dear name of Orthodoxy really is Orthodoxy there now also exists
      > pseudo-Orthodoxy, which we must fear and from which we must flee as from
      > fire;
      > that true Orthodoxy is only that which does not accept and does not
      > permit in anything, either in teaching or in church practices, any sort of
      > innovations opposed to the Word of God and the decrees of the Universal
      > Church;
      > that true Orthodoxy does not bless and does not indulge modern
      > the morality and customs of the modern, corrupt world, which, even more
      > than in Apostolic times, is lying in evil, for it is a world which has
      > abandoned God;
      > that true Orthodoxy considers only pleasing God and saving souls,
      > arrangements for temporary, earthly happiness, a career, and earthly
      > advantages and possessions;
      > that true Orthodoxy is spiritual, not natural and carnal, not
      > to the earth, to earthly feelings and experiences.
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