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Re: [orthodox-synod] Budzilovich Admits Met. Vitaly did NOT Write the "Epistle"

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  • The Stephens
    Public rancor started with those who stubbornly disagree with the Metropolitan. Why can t the Metropolitan speak out in an effort to bring unity back to
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 2, 2001
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      Public "rancor" started with those who "stubbornly disagree" with the
      Metropolitan. Why can't the Metropolitan speak out in an effort to bring
      unity back to the Church Abroad without the myriad of rediculous accusations
      of forgery and fragility?
      Fr. Seraphim Stephens
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      Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 9:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Budzilovich Admits Met. Vitaly did NOT Write
      the "Epistle"

      > At 11:46 PM 7/1/01 +0200, you wrote:
      > >Dear Father Alexander,
      > >
      > >You write;
      > >
      > >"Here, the actual authorship must be determined, because the
      > >if the statement is truly his own, is doing something to the detriment of
      > >the perception of the oneness of mind of the bishops of the Church, and
      > >thus, it is divisive."
      > >
      > >I completely disagree with your opinion.
      > >
      > >What is divisive is the stubborn attitude of the bishops who refuse to
      > >that the conclusions of the October Council are refused or not understood
      > >a sizeable part of the Church, including her metropolitan, a few bishops,
      > >number of priests and lay peiople, among the most faithful servants of
      > >Church. This attitude of the Synod is perceived as a divisive lack of
      > >humility and lack of sobornost.
      > Let's see if I understand this.
      > You have a strongly held opinion.
      > The majority of the Bishops in the Synod have a different opinion.
      > Because their opinion is different than yours, this means they have a
      > "stubborn attitude."
      > Maybe, just maybe, it is **YOU** who has a "stubborn attitude"?
      > Did you ever think of **that** possibility?
      > >What is unifying is the proposal of the Metropolitan. He proposes to
      > >reconvene (what is more unifying than convening?) to talk again, to make
      > >peace among ourselves, to forgive one another and elaborate a common
      > >position in Christ, far away from human pride.
      > Fine. why can't he bring up his suggestion at the next Council of Bishops,
      > next week, away from public rancor and the inherent divisiveness it
      > >Sobornost is not forcing a minority of intelligent, pious and concerned
      > >people to accept blindly the opinion of the majority
      > since you use no adjectives to describe the majority, we can then assume
      > that, in contrast, you belive them to be unintelligent, impious, and
      > unconcerned?
      > >and condemnations
      > >without judgement. Sobornost is taking into account the opinion of
      > >hierarchs, priests and lay people who are genuinely concerned about the
      > >faith and who do not lack ecclesial culture,
      > you consider statements made by them calling the majority bishops
      > "traitors" and the Sobor of Bishops a "robber council" a sign of
      > culture'?
      > >even if they are a minority.
      > >Such minorities have already saved the faith in the past.
      > Only if they were right. Being in the minority does not immediately give
      > your position legitimacy. On the contrary, people in th minority may be
      > there because they are absolutely **wrong**.
      > >The people who do not agree with the conclusions of the October Council
      > >constantly reminded that they should not fall into prelest. I agree that
      > >should be a constant concern for all of us. We, orthodox people know
      > >that priests and hierarchs too are tempted by the devil and should beware
      > >prelest.
      > Unfortunately, Fr. Konstantin Fedoroff's behavior has caused reasonable
      > people to become convinced that he is in prelest, long before the current
      > situation arose. And as to Bishop Varnava--his record in Russia stands for
      > itself--his participation in the notorious "avtoprobeg" (rolling
      > demonstration) all around Moscow with the Fascist "Pamyat'" organiziation,
      > replete with armbands and Nazi flags, his sending one of his clergymen to
      > participate in the onslaught on the offices of the newspaper "Moskovskii
      > Komsomolets," when the jackbooted and brown-shirted Pamyat' activists
      > terrorized the staff of this press office and ripped out their telephones,
      > as well as his attempt to join with the incredibly odious Filaret
      > Denisenko, are all witnesses to the quality of his intelligence and
      > With love in Christ,
      > Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
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