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[orthodox-synod] Re: Jesuits

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    Actually, I had not the slightest intention (Freud would say otherwise, since he said: there are no accidents ) of having that post about Inglesby become
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 1999
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      Actually, I had not the slightest intention (Freud would say otherwise,
      since he said: "there are no accidents") of having that post about Inglesby
      become part of the public record, but I would like to make a comment about

      The last Jesuit I met was a professor at Xavier University. We were having
      lunch. He asked: "When was the last time the Orthodox Church up-dated its

      "Fifth century," I answered (ignorning the translations---good and bad---into

      "Is there any movement towards women priests?" he asked.

      "Not unless there was some mad Bulgarian, this morning, and I just haven't
      heard," I said.

      Years ago, when Ohio University's College of Fine Arts was going to kill its
      school of architecture (for reasons better known to the dean of fine arts), I
      was on the committee to kill it. It had to appear to be democratically
      arrived at, you see. Colleges, like many churches, use smoke and mirrors.

      I listened and watched with fascination, as the man appointed to make the
      argument for the school of architecture shaved the point closer and closer to
      the bone. When there was a brreak in the killing proceeduure, I privately
      asked the man: "From what Jesuit school did you graduate?"

      What do you know? It had been a Jesuit school! There's a particular way
      of thinking Jesuit training seems to access.

      Forgive me that I (stupidly) published publicly what I had intended to send

      I have nothing against Archbishop Anthony Bloom. I remember perfectly well
      that, in ancient times, laypersons used to take a Lamb home with them and
      administer Holy Communion to themselves, daily. It's just not a modern

      Given Paul's age and circumstances (isolated as he and his wife are from any
      Orthodox church of any kind other than the so-called "Celtic Orthodox Church"
      on the second floor of a book store in the middle of the village), as you
      say: It is a charitable thing for Arbp. Anthony to do. It's just not usual.

      Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

      Father Andrew
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