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Re: [orthodox-synod] Southern Missions Conference - ECUMENISM

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  • Priest Seraphim Holland
    ... Time, orthodixie@aol.com writes: I visited your conference website and have a question. The question pertains to the panel discussion on ecumenism
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2001
      trepatschkoj@... said:

      > In a message dated Thu, 21 Jun 2001 8:05:56 AM Eastern Daylight
      Time, orthodixie@... writes:

      "I visited your conference website and have a question. The
      question pertains to the panel discussion on ecumenism ("Orthodoxy and
      the Religion of the Future"). From which point of view will this
      discussion be presented? Will the dangers of ecumenism and all of the
      heresies associated with it be presented, or will the discussion be
      aimed at justifying communion with Orthodox Churches in full
      membership with the World Council of Churches (WCC) such as the
      Serbian Church ..."

      Well, I for one, if I am able to go to this conference in order to
      promote pure Orthodoxy, plan to ask for a resolution to be made which
      condemns all that celebrate with the Serbs and orders their immediate
      execution, in the form of forcing them to do prostrations until they
      dies of exhaustion.

      If some of these renegades escape their sentence,
      perhaps we can put something in their water supply to make them
      sterile - so at least such defectives will not be able to breed.

      I also wish to add a second item to the resolution - that a committee
      of dedicated Orthodox Christians of impeccable Orthodoxy (they must be
      willing to answer a 100 page questionnaire to determine if they have
      ever broken any canons (except those given in the gospel, especially
      yhe beatitudes, becaause,heh, they are only human!)) who are literate
      in Russian, English, German and French, to search all Synod archives
      and replace, change or destroy text in documents which mistakingly
      gives the impression that the Russian Orthodox church outside of
      Russa has ever celebrated with the Serbs or shown herself to be of two
      minds concerning this grievous miscarriage of ROCOR canon law.

      Fr Joseph: since I am sure you will agree that my resolution is of the
      utmost importance for our young people, since they will see our
      steadfastness in true Orthodoxy, may I suggest that we skip all the
      other presentations in order to hammer out the toughest wording
      possible for the resolution?

      BTW - I have never served with Serbs, and do not want to.

      Someone might be serving with the Serbs at this moment! Have *you*
      said your prayers today?

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