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[orthodox-synod] St. Savva's Youth And Philanthropy Continues To Work On Humanitarian Help For Refugees

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  • SOZ Arhiepiskopije
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 1999
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      RELEASE, 06. 08. 1999.
      St. Savva's Youth And Philanthropy
      Continues To Work On Humanitarian Help For Refugees
      BELGRADE 6. August - Serbian Orthodox Church's St. Savva's Youth Community announced today that has started to work with the refugees that were brutally expelled by the Kosovo Liberation Army and other extremist ethnic Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija. According to the previous agreement made with the "Philanthropy" the Humanitarian Found of the Serbian Orthodox Church, St. Savva's Youth will distribute food and cloth, as long as aid arrives in Belgrade.
              However, since over 40 000 refugees from Kosovo and Metohija are in Belgrade region, and estimation on refugees from Bosnia and Croatia are around 200 000 in same region, the aid that "Philanthropy" and St. Savva's Youth could provide is less than modest.
              "Our possibilities are not more than 6 t of food and some cloth in the August"- said Mr. Milivoj Randjic, St. Savva's Youth Secretary Executive. He noted that the aid can not be collected in Serbia and Montenegro, since "destruction of the economy that embargo and especially the NATO caused had destroyed secured life and future for a large majority of the population in the country, so we meet with the danger of the nation's humanitarian catastrophe this winter. Therefore we can not expect that we will collect more then a symbolic aid within Yugoslavia".
              Mr. Randjic said that St. Savva's Youth is extremely concerned over the fact that "Western governments could express a great sense of cynicism over the possible catastrophe of a whole nation just because they do not like present regime in Serbia and Yugoslavia". "If we understand correctly, Mr. Blear said, after Sarajevo meeting, that Serbia should not expect even the humanitarian aid until Mr. Milosevic is in power. We see as the challenge for Western Christianity to recognize this attitude immoral as they recognize Mr. Milosevic's policy. This attitude we express should not be seen as the political, but as the moral concern" - said St. Savva's Youth Secretary Executive.

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