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Sv: [orthodox-synod] Ailing Mother Russia

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  • Nikolaj
    Dear v I know Svyatoi Istochnik very well. But seriously - nobody believes that this is Holy Water? This can t be true - not even a first time tourist
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2001
      Dear v

      I know "Svyatoi Istochnik" very well.
      But seriously - nobody believes that
      this is Holy Water?
      This can't be true - not even a first time
      tourist believes this.


      "People, seized by passions,
      will rape the Scriptures according
      to their desires"
      (St. Clement of Alexandria )
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      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Ailing Mother Russia

      > Nikolay!
      > I think that it is a classic example of what Russians in Russia call "Utka". It is just too bad that it appeared in Orthodox America. The author may have not even traveled to Russia or did not even see everything that he described. He must have simply collected for the purpose of his article all the "bad things about Russia" that he could think of, or he may have heard of. I can even recognize some isolated facts taken from other sources. The obvious innacuracies make the objective criticism similarly worthless. In other places the author must have simply "slyshal zvon..." There is a mineral water called "Svyatoi Istochnik" (Holy Spring) that is sold at supermarkets and the label says that it is sold by the appointment or blessing from the Patriarch of Moscow. There has been a lot of criticism about it in the Russian media in the first place. I saw the TV commercial and I thought it was just pathetic.
      > v
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      > From: Nikolaj
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      > Subject: Sv: [orthodox-synod] Ailing Mother Russia
      > This has been posted before
      > and is a splendid example of
      > the anti-russian propaganda
      > I mentioned in a previous posting
      > to this list.
      > It is full of unverifyed postulates.
      > Just mentioning a few -
      > I was never charged a single kopek for
      > entering the Pskov Caves, nor did I see
      > any "Vogue" posings in Monasteries.
      > The so-called "sparkling Holy Water"
      > made me laugh....:-)
      > That was really innovative....but
      > "unfortunately" I have never seen this too.
      > In Christ
      > Nikolaj
      > "Forgiveness is better than revenge. "
      > St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
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