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[orthodox-synod] A Conspiracy Against the Faith

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    A CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE FAITH On the 17th of July 1999, there was a traditional Procession of the Cross in Moscow, which was dedicated to the 81st anniversary
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 1999

      On the 17th of July 1999, there was a traditional Procession of the Cross
      in Moscow, which was dedicated to the 81st anniversary of the vicious
      massacre, by villainous Christ-haters, of Russia's Emperor Nicholas II, His
      Family, and those who remained faithful to Them.

      By noon, our praying folk were already reading the akathist to the Reigning
      Mother Of God ikon and to Tsar'-Martyr Nicholas Aleksandrovich at the
      memorial Chapel to the Heroes of Plevna.

      At 2:00 p.m. there was a gathering of people (or, in the terminology of the
      Westernizers, -- a "meeting"), at which priests and representatives of
      monarchist unions made their presentations.

      At 3:00 p.m., under the guidance of L. D. Simonovich, the tireless head of
      the Union Of Orthodox Banner-bearers, the Procession Of the Cross began to
      surge forward. It moved across Slavonic Square and Kitaigorod Drive, along
      the shoreline of the Moskva River, and past the Kremlin -- to the Cathedral
      Of Christ the Saviour.

      Innumerable banners, ikons, huge portraits of _Gosudar'_
      [ = Sovereign ] Nicholas II, the singing of prayers, of the Imperial Hymn
      "God Save the Tsar'!" -- all of this literally mesmerized the passers-by,
      among them those standing by the bannisters atop the bridges across the
      River Moskva.

      According to the testimony of one of the MVD [ = Ministry Of Internal
      Affairs ] workers, their estimates showed that some 20 thousand believers
      took part in the procession. This, apparently, was the largest-yet
      Procession Of the Cross in the course of the last few years.

      How great, then, was the astonishment of many who watched the news on
      television that evening. NOT A SINGLE ONE of the television channels of
      the capital so much as uttered A SOLITARY WORD concerning the many
      thousands who processed in memory of their bullet-slain _Gosudar'_. Not a

      There were news about the beer festival, about domestic problems in Yu. M.
      Luzhkov's family, about Mr. Berezovsky's attacks upon the mayor of Moscow,
      about whatever have you, only not about this grandiose Procession.

      It is curious that at 10 a.m., on the morning of the 17th of July, the
      television company of NTV incidentally happened to mention, in passing, the
      upcoming event to be staged by the laity of Moscow; that is, everyone was
      notified about it, but no one had any desire to show Orthodox [Christians]
      on the screen. After all, what if the believers in the other cities of
      Russia were to become inspired by this example?

      I know that it is difficult for our comrades-in-arms in other government
      districts to carry out something similar because of the opposition of their
      local hierarchs. "Lest anything should come of it, as a result!" And lest
      the governor, the mayor or "democratic society" frown upon it.

      Is it not time to put an end to this slavishness before the _nomenklatura_
      of atheism? And before the religious creed of the bankers?

      Incidentally, on the following day, the 18th of July, there was also a
      great Procession Of the Cross, in the suburb of Sergiev Posad. It was
      organized by the Orthodox Brotherhood of Sergii of Radonezh (Fr. Fedor
      Mushinskii, M. P. Petrov, P. K. Turukhin) in commemoration of the Venerable
      One, "the grace-endow'd Mentor of the Russian Nation," as the historian
      Kliuchevskii described him.

      The Orthodox [Christians], among them the Banner-bearers of Simonovich,
      arrived from Moscow, came out of the Lavra [...] and went around to the
      many Orthodox churches in the city itself. They walked no fewer than seven

      The[se] Processions Of the Cross grow ever greater, from year to year -- on
      the 15th of March, the 19th of May, the 17th of July, the 21st of September
      (the Feast of the Nativity Of the _Bogoroditsa_ and of the [Russian]
      Victory [over the Mongol hordes of Mamai] On the Field Of Kulikovo, and on
      several other dates, thousands of people who confess the Orthodox Faith
      triumphantly note the holy days of [our] Fatherland.

      The Orthodox-Monarchical Unions which organize these processions are
      themselves astonished at the growth in the number of participants. This is
      visible evidence of the fact that Holy Rus' is awakening. But the
      renascence of Orthodoxy in Russia, apparently, is not to the liking of the
      owners of the tele-coms "in Russia."

      In an Orthodox nation, federal television is dead-set against the Faith of
      the [ethnic Russian] root-population. Gusinsky, Shwydkoi, Shabdurasulow,
      Berezovsky -- are all antagonistic to Christ and to the Gospel. They are
      opposed to a Christian form of government [in Russia].

      This years-long silence, this "blindness" in regard to our prayerful
      processions -- all this is, in essence, a conspiracy. A Conspiracy Against

      -- Vladimir Osipov, head of the "Christian Renascence Union"

      125315, Moskva, ul. Usievicha, 25, korp. 2, kv. 234,
      Osipov Vladimir Nikolayevich.
      Tel.: 158-79-80, 182-18-03.

      + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

      Translated by G. Spruksts from the Russian text excerpted from "Zagovor
      protiv very" [ "A Conspiracy Against the Faith"] appearing in "ZAVTRA" [
      "TOMORROW" ], No. 30 (295), July 27, 1999.

      English-language text copyright (c) 1999 by The Saint Stefan Of Perm'
      Guild, The Russian Cultural Heritage Society, and the Translator. All
      Rights Reserved.
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