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Pilgrimage to Russia 2001

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  • Rubezhi
    Russian Mission Deanery (OCA) presents Pilgrimage to Russia 2001 Worship in the shrines and churches of Orthodox Russia – venerate the saints and holy
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2001
      Russian Mission Deanery (OCA)
      Pilgrimage to Russia 2001
      Worship in the shrines and churches of Orthodox Russia √ venerate the saints
      and holy forebears.
      The Russian Mission Deanery of the Diocese of the West invites you to
      Pilgrimage to Russia 2001.

      Russia has been Christian for over a millennium, and is a culture that was
      formed by Christian belief and responded to it fully through the years,
      under vastly varying circumstances. It has been fertile ground for saints
      starting from its earliest days and continuing deep into the turbulent 20th
      century. Russian Orthodoxy is one of the great heritages of the Orthodox in

      Virtually closed for the greater part of this century, Russia is now
      becoming accessible, and pilgrimage is an accepted mode of travel. Drawing
      on its years of experience in Russia, which includes organizing tours, the
      Deanery wants to help open religious Russia to American Orthodox. The
      Russian Mission Deanery has organized a pilgrim tour to Russian holy sites
      in cooperation with the Orthodox Brotherhood in the Name of the Savior.

      The Orthodox Brotherhood in the Name of the Saviour unites the priesthood
      and active lay people of fourteen Moscow parishes in order to facilitate the
      revival of the orthodox education and way of life in Russia. The Brotherhood
      has founded two secondary schools, summer camps for children, orthodox
      nursing service at two hospitals, an orthodox nursing school, orphanages and
      other charitable and educational institutions.

      The Brotherhood is the core of the faculty of the St Tikhon's Orthodox
      Theological Institute founded in 1992. The Institute currently has over
      three thousand students and plays an important role in the re-establishing
      of the higher theological education and theological studies.

      The Brotherhood and the Institute also support annual pilgrimage programmes
      for Orthodox Christians from abroad, chiefly from Europe and Americas.
      Religious relations and friendship established during the trips over the
      past years developed into fruitful co-operation of St Tikhon's Institute
      with European and American schools of orthodox theology.

      Money raised from the pilgrimages is directed to the educational and
      charitable and educational undertakings of the Brotherhood.

      The Russian Missionary Deanery will act as the group leader for this
      pilgrimage, and will make arrangements for travel as well.

      Costs for the pilgrimage will come to about $2,000 per person. This cost is
      so low in part because we are dealing with a local group and staying at
      local hotels. This price does not include your travel visa fee, which
      depends on the consulate and when you get the visa, and starts at about $70.
      It does include all of the tour: round trip airfare from San Francisco to
      Moscow, all accommodations, transportation and 3 meals a day in Russia

      We are eager to have you join us in this pilgrimage!

      For more information, email mailto:pilgrimage@... and check our
      website www.sobor.org

      Or write us at


      Christ the Saviour Church

      2040 Anza Street, San Francisco CA, 94118
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