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My deep apologies

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  • constans@arches.uga.edu
    Christ is Risen! On a personal note, after much soul-searching and prayer and reflection on the way I have lived my life these past eight years, I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2001
      Christ is Risen!

      On a personal note, after much soul-searching and prayer and
      reflection on the way I have lived my life these past eight years, I
      have realized that I had become an extremist. I sinned greatly in
      abandoning the hierarch under whom I came into the Holy Orthodox
      Church, Archbishop DMITRI of Dallas and the South of the Orthodox
      Church in America. I have sought to be restored to communion with him,
      the OCA and the community of the world's Orthodox Churches, and soon
      will ask his forgiveness.

      What led me to this was my observation of the actions of the various
      "true" Orthodox churches towards each other... as many have pointed
      out to me on these lists (but I did not listen), unless they are
      temporarily together, whether criticizing admittedly wrong actions or
      statements by some in the world's Orthodox Churches or unjustly
      attacking them, they are at each others throats like a horde of
      Kilkenney Cats. I remember I was shocked when I visited a Matthewite
      service and was told by some of those present that they did not expect
      unity among the true Orthodox and - he said later - were not
      interested in unity.

      I can not imagine St. Maximos the Confessor, for all that he was firm
      against real and final heresy, speaking of those who would have shared
      with him the same Orthodox Faith the way these "true" Orthdoox speak
      of each other.

      As well, I have read with horror the extolling of "isolation" as the
      way to go on that list. Orthodoxy is unity and communion in the truth,
      not isolation. The world's Orthodox Churches may have their problems,
      and even some within them who have perosnally sold out to Ecumenism
      (for the record, I am not an ecumenist. I believe absolutely that the
      Orthodox Church is the one and only True Church of Christ, and that
      the other Christian denominations while they may have some correct
      knowledge are *not* any part of the Church), but these problems have
      to be fought from within. In the Service of Crowning, the epistle
      reading tells how St. Paul relates the church and marriage. In a
      marriage, one does not automatically divorce (leave one's bishop/break
      communion) without working from within the marriage to correct the

      And, in fact, the actions of the Church of Greece recently in refusing
      joint services with the RC pope, the Church of Georgia in leaving the
      WCC... these problems are being corrected, by and through the Grace of
      God Who has said that He will never desert His Church.

      I remember I spoke against the Georgian Church, doubting the sincerity
      of its withdrawal from the WCC... I also remembr listening to the OT
      reading on the morning of Pascha, when Jonah was so upset that the
      Ninevites actually did what God told them to do. I had been like

      By far the majority of my actions and writings, particularly on the
      Internet, have not been exemplary at all. I believe I have hurt many
      people, and so I would like to take this opportunity to ask
      forgiveness of all whom I have scandalized, in whatever Orthodox
      jurisdiction but most especially the OCA and the Russian Orthodox
      Church, by my actions and words.

      Particularly do I want to extend an apology to Bishop Tikhon publicly
      on the lists, since it was here I named him an enemy of ROCOR. He is
      not. Rather, say that he is an enemy of the sectarianism I was
      espousing. Also, my apologies to Bishop Gabriel for being a thorn in
      his side, to Fr. Seraphim Holland and to Fr. Maximos. I'm sure there
      are many otehrs whom I am not remembering.

      Also, my apologies to Mary Stolzenback, particularly since I actually
      met her albeit briefly, when I was rooming with Lee Carson in

      To Michael Bishop: You were right all along.

      In closing all I can do is ask forgiveness and say that my future
      participation on these fora will be - as Dr. Bob Holderer asked many
      times - more profitable.

      In IX,
      Rd. Constantine

      Reader Constantine Wright (GOA)
      St. Philothea Church, Athens GA
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