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Re: [orthodox-synod] "True Sobriety"

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  • Fraese
    I am very interested in this book. Is it possible for you to send a copy for us to see? I also need shipping prices to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Thank you.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2001
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      I am very interested in this book. Is it possible for you to send a copy
      for us to see? I also need shipping prices to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
      Thank you.
      Theodora Fraese
      Dormition Skete Orthodox Books & Items
      12649 - 70th St.
      Edmonton, AB
      Canada T5C 0J6
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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] "True Sobriety"

      > Our mission now has available, the book "True Sobriety". ( the writer
      > spent the last year in court successfully resolving issues with the
      > publisher) The book also can be purchased from Amazon.com or
      > Borders. ISBN: 1-893181-16-2. It is shown on their respective
      > websites with a sub title, "An Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous"
      > Our mission price is $6.00 + $2.00 postage and handling ($2 is the
      > total for 1 or 2 copies). Checks payable to: St. Peter the Aleut
      > Orthodox Mission, 1001 N. Palm Ave., Fresno CA 93728.
      > "True Sobriety" presents a practical application of Orthodoxy as a
      > means of overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction, while also leading
      > to a path seeking eternal salvation. (Hence, the title,"True
      > Sobriety") This critical view of the more than 90% failure rate of
      > Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and honest assessment
      > of the Roman Catholic Church beginning with the alteration of the
      > Nicene Creed, also validates Orthodoxy as the source of the life
      > changing, grace laden, strength of the Holy Sacraments, especially
      > Holy Communion.
      > Nearly all of the existing drug treatment programs in existence
      > today, embrace AA's teaching that; "unless you come to believe in a
      > god or higher power, that their program will not work for you." "True
      > Sobriety" reveals many of the benefits reaped from a belief in the
      > one true God, and the healing powers of the Holy Sacraments of
      > His "One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church."
      > Our mission is the preliminary stage of our further intent to build a
      > 144-bed, drug treatment center, dedicated to St. Xenia. "True
      > Sobriety" will be used in conjunction with the structured teachings
      > at the center. Existing treatment centers, whether either "medical"
      > or "social" models, have a more than 85% failure rate on average.
      > Our center is not innovative, but rather it will be patterned and
      > defined as a "monastic model"; a spiritual hospital, where a person
      > can hopefully heal their wounds. The estimated cost of this project
      > is approximately $5 million. We are not accepting donations, but we
      > do ask for your prayers as we are nearing our anticipated 15 minute
      > window with the California State Assembly. We also will be looking
      > to someday staff the facility with people who embrace an Orthodox
      > approach towards dealing with addiction.
      > We have a 2'x3' water color architectural rendering of the proposed
      > center that we intend to use as a backdrop while making our
      > presentation to the State. I have sent copies to a few people on
      > Orthodox Lists and was hoping that perhaps one of you all could post
      > the picture because I don't know how to to send it to the lists.
      > Because of our recent three year successful project of working on the
      > streets and in the jails with addicts, and also because of the
      > anticipated success of a monastic type of environment, based on it's
      > known value to our Faith, and through the continued prayers of the
      > miracle working St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, we are praying that our
      > Saviour continues to bless our efforts. (We have a laminated
      > abbreviated version of the Akathist to St. Xenia that is read twice
      > daily at our mission.)
      > We have distributed several earlier rejected copies of "True
      > Sobriety" and have received testimonies from jails and prisons
      > stating that the book has helped to change people's lives, and in
      > three cases that the book has greatly helped to save a person's life,
      > all Glory be to God!
      > Please assist us by praying for our Saviour's will, especially since
      > we sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves.
      > Respectfully, your brother and sister in Jesus Christ,
      > John and Maura Chaplain,
      > Wardens, at St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Mission
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