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    Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, on this first day of Great Lent! This message is about a Russian mail-order bride from Kyrgzystan who was murdered by her
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2001
      Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, on this first day of Great Lent!

      This message is about a Russian mail-order bride from Kyrgzystan who was
      murdered by her American husband and/or a live-in roommate last
      September. Her body was not found until December.

      Anastasia Solovieva-King was finally buried on Forgiveness Sunday,
      Februrary 25, 2001, at Floral Hills Cemetery in Lynnwood, Washington, with
      a Russian Orthodox Christian funeral.

      Please pray for Anastasia and her grieving parents, Alla and Anatolyi
      Soloviev, who are staying in Snohomish County, and who want to be near
      their daughter's grave site. They are very distraught, and they still face
      the murder trial. They will be staying at least through the trial;
      however, since they could not return Anastasia's body to their Country
      without having her cremated, according to international law, they wish to
      be able to remain in the United States, to be near her grave site, and to
      be buried next to her when they die. She was their only child.

      The parents have met many of Anastasia's friends from the Seattle area and
      wish to remain with them to know better the people that she knew, and to
      know the place where she was living before she was killed. Already, they
      have grown to love these people and others from this area who are trying to
      help them through this difficult time.

      The Solovievs are musicians who teach piano and direct the Bishkek Music
      Conservatory. If they remain in the U. S., they wish to continue to teach
      Russian-speaking children. When they learn English well enough, they will
      also be able to teach other Americans.

      Their daughter, Anastasia, was a very talented and accomplished pianist and
      composer/arranger. While being married to her American husband, she was
      working two different jobs and putting herself through the University of
      Washington, with plans eventually to get a law degree.

      Among her many grieving friends, are those with whom she worked and went to
      school in Seattle.

      There is a web site dedicated to Anastasia, where you can see pictures of
      her and her parents (the black and white with the mountains, and they are
      holding flowers), and with her husband's parents, as well, in
      Seattle. Also, there are news article links where you can learn more
      regarding the murder case.


      We are also requesting letters to be sent to the INS asking that the
      parents, Alla and Anatolyi Soloviev, be granted immigrant status and be
      allowed to stay in the United States. Please write to the Seattle, WA,
      office of the INS, to:

      Mr. Robert Coleman
      District Director
      U.S. Immigration and
      Naturalization Service
      1000 Second Avenue
      Room 2650
      Seattle, Washington 98104

      Kyrgzystan is a Country where Russians are treated as second-class
      citizens, and are not allowed to hold any government positions. It is a
      very poverty-stricken Country and there is much suffering from disease and
      lack of food and a low standard of living.

      Thank you, and God bless!

      Alexandra Jeneaué
      Russian-American Information Services


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