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Re: Concerning Fr.Konstantin's malign by Fr.Shaw

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  • Michael Nikitin
    Fr. Whiteford is saying that the government in Russia now is different then when it was Soviet Union. Let us ponder this: FBI agent Hanssen for 15 yrs. has
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 24, 2001
      Fr. Whiteford is saying that the government
      in Russia now is different then when it was
      Soviet Union.
      Let us ponder this: FBI agent Hanssen for
      15 yrs. has maintained contacts in what is now
      Russia and in what was former Soviet Union.
      He was recently found out to be a spy against
      His contacts were the same through the
      transition from Sovient Union to Russia
      otherwise he would have been exposed.
      What changed in the government?
      A defecter from Soviet Union whose name
      is Major Galitsin,
      This reflects the significance of the
      change of government there.

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      "Michael Nikitin" (who until he at long last tells us which ROCA
      parish he attends, so that his identity can either be confirmed or
      denied is still a pseudonymous HOCNA poster, as far as I am
      concerned) wrote:
      "We are tired of Frs. Shaw, Whiteford and Lebedeff's personal
      interpretations what our metropolitans, archbishops or priest meant
      when they wrote/said this or that."
      I respond:
      We are tired of "Michael" not dealing with the arguments that have
      already beeen presented, and then reposting the same assertions those
      arguments have refuted.
      Again, think what you want of the current Russian government, but you
      simply cannot claim that it "openly professes" atheism... which was
      part of the condition Met. Anastassy gave in his Testament.
      You also have not explained why he placed any conditions, and did not
      make the ban absolute, and pronounce them as anathematized
      heretics... after all, what happened to the catacomb anathema?
      But instead, he says judgment of the MP must await a future All-
      Russian Sobor. This doesn't support your position, "Michael".
      "As regards the Moscow Patriarchate and its hierarchs, then, so long
      as they continue in close, active and benevolent cooperation with the
      Soviet Government, which openly professes its complete godlessness
      and strives to implant atheism in the entire Russian nation, then the
      Church Abroad, maintaining Her purity, must not have any canonical,
      liturgical or even simply external communion with them whatsoever,
      leaving each one of them at the same time to the final judgment of
      the Council (Sobor) of the future free Russian Church."
      -Fr. John Whiteford
      p.s. Another strange similarity between "Gleb Godin" and "Michael
      Nikitin" (aside from the fact that they both use Hotmail, and those
      previously mentioned) is their habit of waiting until a discussion
      dies down, and then finally posting... almost as if they were trying
      to keep fanning the flames of the discussion.
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