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Sv: [orthodox-synod] An Alternative Conspiracy Theory

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  • Nikolaj
    The below posting shows exactly the results of the void of serious english language Orthodox books about the Protocols - Rasputin - Russian Tsarist Ideology
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2001
      The below posting
      shows exactly the results
      of the void of serious english language Orthodox books
      about the Protocols - Rasputin - Russian Tsarist Ideology
      and so on.

      When people have to rely on western-influenced humanistic
      "historians" and non-orthodox books for trying to understand
      the complex mechanisms of the anti-orthodox forces of evil
      in this world, things get mixed up, and no clear vision is to be
      gained from such self-contradictory efforts.

      Indeed St John of Kronstadt blessed the publishing,
      and he also that it was important to print this book
      and get people to read it. (for example Platonov - "Zagadka
      sionskikh protokolov" p. 271.)
      Personally I believe more in the blessing of a book by St John
      of Kronstadt than some un-orthodox "analysis", most often
      made by the very people, that feels themselves exposed by
      the Protocols.

      This neither makes me an anti-semite (whatever that is?)
      Nor does it make me a communist - rather the contrary.
      What you say about the slandering and stamping of
      groups and individals reading the protocols is true,
      but it is not true that Pamyat was/is not persecuted.
      Every time they make a march on July 17th or at other
      important dates they are attacked and jailed.
      The trend in Pamyat is not very Orthodox I believe.
      They talk more about "uniting the right-wing parties"
      than about the Spiritual concepts of Holy Russia.
      Without Orthodox Christianity such movements
      become fascist style or at least very spiritually empty to
      say the least.

      I must admit that I believe more in the Tsaritsa Martyr than in various
      un-orthodox "sources" saying that the Tsar did not believe
      the Protocols. He still read them in Ekaterinburg. Nilus' book
      was bought wholesale by the mason Kerensky in 1917
      and Kerensky did all he could to remove this book from
      every bookstore and every library in Russia.
      When Lenin took over, people were shot on the spot
      for merely possesing a copy of Nilus' book!
      When Nilus was arrested by the bolsheviks, he
      told them after they had tortured him, "If you kill
      me, it will prove that the protocols are true", to
      which the cheka officer answered "and this is exactly whay
      we will not kill you!"

      I wish you all a blessed Fast, and I beg your
      forgiveness if I have hurt or insulted any of you.
      Please pray for me poor sinner.

      Signing off for Lent.

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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] An Alternative Conspiracy Theory

      > ---Nikolaj wrote:
      > > The Tsarmartyr Nikolaj
      > > read the Protocols even in Ekaterinburg.
      > > (See the diary of the Tsaritsa Martyr from 1918)
      > I've come across several non-Orthodox sources that
      > have said St. Nicholas considered the Protocols a
      > fraud... considering that he is often misportrayed as
      > an antisemite, I tend to doubt that they made this up.
      > > Prime Minister Stolypin also took them quite
      > > seriously.
      > >
      > > Such web sites as the one you sent a link for are
      > merely echoing
      > > the voices of the zionist circles who for everything
      > in the world
      > > want to prove them false, and only created to
      > persecute the
      > > "poor peaceful masons" and "poor zionists" in
      > Tsarist Russia.
      > The fact that the protocols plagiarized an earlier
      > French work is not seriously in doubt. I think it
      > almost as unlikely that the Jewish Masonic conspiracy
      > would have published a book in French that contained
      > much of the content of the Protocols in order to later
      > discredit the publication of the real Protocols as I
      > do that they would have every written such a document
      > in the first place.
      > It reminds of an Old Saturday Night Live skit in which
      > all the villains from past James Bond movies were
      > discussing the things you should never do when you
      > capture James Bond. First, if you have the chance to
      > kill him... don't have him on a slow moving conveyer
      > belt with a Lazer beam at the end... just shoot him!
      > Second, don't tell him all about your evil master plan
      > before you kill him... just shoot him! Such things
      > make for great fiction though.
      > > I do not believe that St John of Kronstadt had such
      > a bad judgment
      > > as to bless something that the secret police had
      > forged. Do you?
      > > St John was the personal confessor of Imperator
      > Alexander III.
      > > and rather close to the top of the Tsarist circles.
      > I have never heard that he did bless it. If he did,
      > he no doubt thought them authentic... but we do not
      > consider Saints infallible. If we did, we would have
      > to figure out why the Tsaritsa Martyr trusted
      > Rasputin, but the Holy New-Martyr Elizabeth did a Te
      > Deum when he died. Obviously they both did not have
      > infallible opinions on his character.
      > But here is an alternative conspiracy theory I have
      > heard from a very wise Russian Clergyman I know. He
      > told me that in his experience, he has noted a pattern
      > that whenever an Anti-Communist group starts making
      > sense, and reaching people, out of the blue pops up
      > the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Suddenly someone
      > will show up at their meetings... making sense too,
      > but then passing out copies of this book... and this
      > invariably is later used to discredit the group as
      > being anti-semitic. He cited the John Birch
      > Society... which in its earlier days had credibility,
      > only blow it because of such things.
      > He also pointed out how Pamyat suddenly popped up in
      > the Soviet Union, and had an amazing amount of
      > freedom... freedom no other non-Soviet controlled
      > group was given. And much of what they promoted was
      > good, and had a nice Orthodox exterior, but along with
      > this came the blatant anti-semitism and the overt
      > fascist symbolism and rhetoric... which has had the
      > effect of further tainting all Russian nationalism
      > with anti-semitism.
      > This is not to suggest that everyone who considers the
      > protocols to be legit are communists... but since he
      > told me his theory, I have noticed as time has passed
      > that this is a very real pattern.
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