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  • Rd. Constantine Wright
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001
      >2001.01.31 NG-religii:
      >by Nikolai Konstantinov
      >NG-religii, 31 January 2001
      >The Estonian Apostolic Orthodox church (EAPTs) issued a protest against the
      >registration of the Russian Orthodox church (RPTs) in Estonia under the
      >name "Estonian Orthodox Church." This was the reaction of the Estonian
      >schismatics to the latest attempt of Russian Orthodox believers to acquire
      >legal status in independent Estonia (heretofore the Estonian authorities
      >have been granting EAPTs Orthodox church buildings on the premise that
      >there is no other registered Orthodox church in Estonia).
      >The first secretary of the metropolitan of EAPTs, Fr Melety Ulm, said that
      >his church is concerned that RPTs chose for itself the denomination
      >"Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate" for registration.
      >Leaders of EAPTs received information about the projected registration on
      >22 January in Vilnius at the time of a meeting with representatives of the
      >Moscow patriarchate, "Blagovest-info" reports.
      >"The ecumenical patriarch was simply shocked by this news," said Fr Melety
      >Ulm. He added that EAPTs sent to the prime minister and the ministers of
      >internal and foreign affairs a letter of protest against the selection of
      >the denomination "RPTs in Estonia" and against its registration under this
      >In the spring of 2000 the synod of EAPTs made the decision that the
      >denominations "Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church" and "Estonian Orthodox
      >Church" are, in essence, identical. "It is clear that these denominations
      >signify that church that was registered seven years ago in Estonia as the
      >successor to the Orthodox church of pre-occupational Estonia," Fr Melety
      >declared. In his words, registration of Orthodox churches under such
      >similar names leads only to confusion and intensifies contradictions within
      >public opinion: "We already are being treated as representatives of Russian
      >Orthodox parishes." He observed that many people simply do not notice the
      >"extremely essential indication" of affiliation with the Moscow
      >patriarchate, abbreviated "MP."
      >Representatives of EAPTs said that to avoid confusion parishes of the
      >Moscow patriarchate should be registered and operate under their former
      >denomination, "Russian Orthodox Church in Estonia" or "Diocese of the
      >Moscow Patriarchate in Estonia."
      >"The head of the Orthodox church under the Constantinople jurisdiction,
      >Metropolitan Stefan, has many desires that are unacceptable to us with
      >regard to our church and he acts to achieve them," Leonty Morozkin, the
      >press secretary of the Estonian Orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchate
      >stated on 24 January, commenting on the EAPTs declaration.
      >The Estonian law on churches and parishes requires that the denomination of
      >churches, parishes, and church societies should clearly distinguish one
      >from another. It was determined by the director of the Department on
      >Religious Questions of MVD of Estonia, Ilmo Au, that the chosen name of
      >"Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate" conforms with the
      >requirements of article 13 of the law on churches and societies.
      >(tr. by PDS, posted at http://www.stetson.edu/~psteeves/relnews/ on 1
      >February 2001)

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