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Re: ROCOR's New Posture

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  • Alexey M. Chumakov
    ... Well, if I am - it is news to me. Apparently, anyone who dares to object to a panteleimonite or some self-styled catacombnik is automatically counted
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2001
      --- In orthodox-synod@egroups.com, "Michael Nikitin" <mikeniki@h...>
      > That is why Alexey M. Chumakov is in the MP.

      Well, if I am - it is news to me. Apparently, anyone who dares to
      object to a panteleimonite or some self-styled 'catacombnik' is
      automatically counted "among the MP"?
      Wait, maybe you've meant "military police" - wrong again. Happy New
      Year anyway.

      > Soon the so-called "zealous ones" will be persecuted like in the
      days of
      > Diocletion.

      You know what, this may actually help induce people to pray and to
      love each other and God.

      There is a small parable that elder Joseph the Athonite told. If you
      would let a bee fly into a dirty and abandoned yard, you can still be
      sure that it will find some flowers and will bring back some honey.
      Her tale about what she saw in that yard would be very different from
      the tale that a fly that visited the same place would tell - a fly
      would no doubt find a heap of dung, some rotten stuff, and things
      like that. Some people are like bees, and some are like flies.

      It is easy to be shocked and offended in most pharisaical way, if we
      look into the life of modern christians and compare it to the Gospel
      ideal. It was already that way in times of St. John Chryzostomos, who
      wrote that we have extinguished the grace of the Holy Spirit back in
      the 4th century. It is, unfortunately, a common condition for every
      part of the Church, for every "jurisdiction". And I think that all of
      us should behave like bees and not like flies, and look at our own
      condition first, because we live in a rotten world, and what we seek
      is what really matters. There are many problems in the church life of
      the MP. Only a hypocrite will say that there are less problems

      If we want to improve things, we take one course of action, if we
      want to destroy "because everything is so bad" (or, because the
      reality does not fit our dreams) - the course of action will be
      different. My personal opinion is that at this time ROCA and MP can
      not possibly unite even if both wanted to. MP has nothing to gain
      from it, except more problems, while ROCA's "collective psyche" has
      separateness from the MP as one of it's deeply imbedded traits. It is
      indeed a psychological problem that can perhaps be solved only by
      time, if at all. That is, unless clergy can actually lead their
      "rational flock" - which is only possble if the second part of the
      Councilar Epistle is heard.
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