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Putin "Honouri" the New Martyrs of Russia by playing the favourite tune of their murderers

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  • Nikolaj
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2000
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      > Tuesday, December 5, 2000
      > President Makes His Case for Song, Flag
      > By Jim Heintz
      > President Vladimir Putin wants Russia to go back to
      > the past symbolically, proposing on Monday that the
      > country adopt the Soviet-era anthem and tsarist-era
      > coat of arms.
      > Following a meeting with leaders of the parliamentary
      > political factions, Putin said he was sending
      > legislation to the State Duma calling for adoption of
      > the double-headed eagle coat of arms and the familiar
      > white-blue-and-red flag. He also proposed making the
      > Soviet red flag the official flag of the armed forces.
      > Putin expressed support for adopting the melody of the
      > Soviet-era anthem, a proposal that last week got
      > initial approval in the Duma.
      > Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia
      > has used the tricolor as its flag and a melody by
      > 19th-century composer Mikhail Glinka as its anthem,
      > although words have never been written for the tune.
      > But those symbols were established only by the decree
      > of then-President Boris Yeltsin, and Putin, in a
      > statement broadcast on ORT television, said symbols
      > must be approved by law rather than a single person's
      > decree.
      > He acknowledged the emotional resonance that the issue
      > has, noting that many people want to abandon vestiges
      > of the decades of communist repression while others
      > resent the fall of communism.
      > "We must not dramatize," Putin said, saying that both
      > periods saw substantial accomplishments by Russians
      > that deserve to be honored by adopting those periods'
      > symbols.
      > The Soviet-era symbols represent not only repression,
      > he said, but scientific advances and the once-dominant
      > space program. It was under the red flag that victory
      > was won in World War II, he said.
      > The tsarist-era symbols call to mind cultural titans
      > such as Dostoyevsky and Pushkin, Putin said.
      > "If we accept the fact that in no way could we use the
      > symbols of the previous epochs including the Soviet
      > one, then we must admit that our mothers and fathers
      > lived useless and senseless lives, that they lived
      > their lives in vain. I can't accept it either with my
      > mind or my heart," Putin said.
      > Glinka, who wrote the melody currently used as an
      > anthem, is one of Russia's most lauded composers, but
      > many have complained that the tune is too complex for
      > hard to remember and harder to sing.
      > The Soviet anthem, written by Alexander Alexandrov, is
      > stirring and easy to sing, its proponents say.
      > Following the meeting, Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznyov,
      > a Communist, said he hoped the new anthem would be
      > official by New Year's Eve. That would have strong
      > symbolism in itself, because Russians widely regard
      > 2001 as the beginning of the new millennium, rather
      > than the Western preference for 2000.
      > But even if the melody is official by then, singers
      > will only be able to hum it because there are no new
      > lyrics in view. Seleznyov suggested the lyrics could
      > be determined by a national competition.
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