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Re: [orthodox-synod] Conspiraces a-plenty

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  • fr elia yenovkian
    Its not the Tri Lateral Committee but the COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS which has the really sinister undertones, with such a peaceful name.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2000
      Its not the Tri Lateral Committee but the COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN
      AFFAIRS which has the really sinister undertones, with such a
      peaceful name. It formerly met in Switzerland under a different
      name, then moved to New York.
      But for cold blooded murder and international
      destabilization, the Masons seem unsurpassable.
      Anyone interested contact me and I'll direct your research.
      Bishop Gregory, of Thrice Blessed Memory, blessed me to write
      what I knew about the Lodge ( and its control of the Orthodox
      Church, among other things) observed from teaching in
      Constantinople, Greece, Lebanon, Indonesia, etc. I have the notes
      somewhere, but I have no doubt that if I published them I
      would wake up to find this skete burnt down. Besides, once
      published, they would disappear of f the public shelves just as
      other anti-Masonic literature dies.

      Hieroschemamonk Elia

      PKFZJDTUL@... wrote:

      > I agree with the Reverend, Father Elia. Though "Protocols..Zion" is
      > likely a
      > RED HERRING, it is no doubt indicative of something that does exist.
      > Regardless of who, Saint, Martyr or otherwise, mentions "Protocols" in
      > his
      > work, I have not seen thus far that anyone has evidence proving that
      > the
      > document in question is authentic i.e. what it says it is. We would be
      > very
      > unsystematic thinkers if not outright superstitious to just
      > "willy-nilly" (as
      > the Protocols says of us) buy into some trendy propaganda without
      > verifying
      > its authorship. Has this document been used recently? Is it read with
      > the Law
      > at that B'nai lodge? (I suppose one would have to violate a canon to
      > find
      > that one out, no?)
      > >From a logical point-of-view, we can only surmise that some of the
      > opinions
      > expressed in "Protocols" are real enough and that the tone may likely
      > be a
      > pervasive one in the upper echelons of Zionism. This, I think, is
      > enough.
      > Whether we can call it Protocols or *pseudo*Protocols, we get the
      > general
      > idea of what it was trying to say.Basically, what we find is racial
      > rhetoric
      > and a conspiracy to usurp authority. On that basis, I just think of
      > high
      > Zionists as the most highly successful OC group operating in the world
      > today.
      > For me, this mindset puts an end to conspiracy paranoia.
      > As for Bilderberg, it is my understanding that Bilderberg Group is an
      > international think-tank for industrialists and statesmen. Though I
      > dare say
      > that if the minutes of these meetings are not public, we have no
      > recourse but
      > to be suspicious. However, it would be foolhardy take any rumors about
      > it at
      > face value. Here in USA, we have seen anti-globalist uprisings in the
      > presence of similar talks. The hippy hooligans in charge of the
      > movement
      > would say anything do anything to turn public opinion against their
      > perceived
      > enemy. And basically they rely on hype and vandalism to get their
      > point
      > across. I have heard that the Masons drink out of human skulls in
      > their
      > rites. But, I don't believe it. Wouldn't I feel silly if I did and it
      > were
      > untrue! I would be like unto a medieval peasant, afraid to go outside
      > after
      > dark for fear of a werewolf or other fictitious ghoul.
      > I heard some "end-times" type preacher on AM radio talking about the
      > Trilateral Commission once. (He was the one who said that thing about
      > the
      > Masons, I think.) So, my interest tendered, I endeavored to find out
      > about
      > this sinister conspiracy. It took me several months to find them and
      > get
      > through to them, but eventually they sent me a load of information.
      > Not just
      > anyone can join. It is by invitation only; Presidents of Levi's and
      > Proctor
      > and Gamble (I think), Henry Kissinger, Sony, blah blah blah.
      > Apparently they
      > meet annually to discuss global industrial interests of US, German,
      > and
      > Japanese big-businesses. It's a post-WW II thing, so I get the idea
      > that it
      > is a kind of economic therapy for everyone involved. They publish
      > annually
      > too. So, we can see what they are doing and why. They usually meet to
      > discuss
      > how the Trilateral Commission can help, through industry, rehabilitate
      > third-world or war-torn regions of the world (and profit from it too
      > don't
      > forget). I think one of the more recent meetings ('99 or '98) was a
      > discussion of the BALKANS. I have not read any essays from that
      > meeting, but
      > I expect that a back issue article in "Harvard International Review"
      > would be
      > more cutting-edge as far as policy and strategy of starting a war in
      > Yugoslavia. Trilateral is strictly peacemonger.
      > There are certainly many evil forces at work in our world today. To
      > scapegoat
      > any one group would be an exercise in logical fallacy. With so many
      > people
      > hungry for power, it is quite pointless to make an exhaustive study of
      > any
      > one group. I would watch for new conflicts and intrigues on the EU
      > front. EU
      > is going to inherit the office once reserved for the Soviet State.
      > But, it
      > will go beyond that. The United States is trying to ever so slowly
      > shed its
      > armor and go back to being "just another country." This will leave the
      > greatest power for the taking. EU is the logical superpower-elect.
      > Since
      > Zionism and other criminal interests are integral to Europe's banking
      > system,
      > we will shortly see the old New World Order being hung out to dry.
      > These
      > phase changes take place very slowly, and to see it one must kick the
      > propaganda habit. (After all, news ain't ever really news to a
      > strategist.)
      > ZJD
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