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Sv: [orthodox-synod] Putin the Pagan!!

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  • Nikolaj
    I for one never believed in Putins Orthodoxy He has in an article I read in a Sankt Peterburg newspaper some months ago, declared that he is very attracted
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
      I for one never believed in Putins "Orthodoxy"
      He has in an article I read in a Sankt Peterburg newspaper
      some months ago, declared that he is very attracted to Zen Buddhism.
      Whatever that is...

      In Christ

      "Acquire the spirit of peace and a
      thousand souls around you will be saved."
      -- St. Seraphim of Sarov

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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Putin the Pagan!!

      > On October 3, being in India, RF-president Putin and his wife took part in
      > a pagan rite -- the placing of a wreath on the spot where the spiritual
      > father of the Hindu nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was cremated. As the newspaper
      > "Komsomol'skaya pravda" ["The Truth Of the Young-Communist League"] noted,
      > "Before placing the wreath, the Putins, as custom demands, took off their
      > shoes and put on white slippers. The entire Russian delegation followed
      > their example." (!!) The president of Russia declared in an interview
      > conducted by CNN Broadcasting that he believes not in God, but in Man, yet
      > he conscientiously imitates "the Orthodox Faith" in the churches of the
      > Moscow Patriarchate, and also actively participates in masonic and pagan
      > mysteries (for example, he was initiated into "knighthood" by the Grand
      > Master of a certain [masonic] Order in Germany; and, while, in North Korea,
      > he ritually worshipped the deified leader Kim il Sen). In India, Putin once
      > again confirmed the fact of his total lack of any religious sensibility,
      > since rituals of this sort -- participation in which he could easily have
      > declined -- are incompatible with Orthodoxy, as was convincingly proved by
      > Aleksandr Nevskii and Mikhail of Chernigov, [two] previous rulers of Russia.
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      > his horizons; and in those people who are capable of thought, it will even
      > tend, in the final analysis, to stimulate them toward justice and liberty."
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