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The ROCOR SOBOR DECISIONS in Russian posted here http://www.ipc.od.ua/Sob00_04.html

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  • byakimov@csc.com.au
    Dear All I t seems, if our SOBOR of Bishops posted their work as their work went on (I know we have limited resources but it would have been better if we
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
      Dear All

      I t seems, if our SOBOR of Bishops posted their work as their work went on
      (I know we have limited resources but it would have been better if we
      extend our Synod resources in this regard) -it may have made some of the
      comments and letters in regard to ROCA betraying our forefathers and the
      Holy New
      Martyrs of Russia redundant. Nonetheless what is said cannot be retracted
      and I repeat for those that have ears that our
      GOOD BISHOPS have not betrayed anyone. I am very grateful to his Grace
      Bishop Agafangel
      for the postings of the work of our Holy SOBOR on his website. I believe
      the Russian version is now complete and some SOBOR (poslaniya)
      Epistles have been translated in to English. However, it would
      be nice to see the full English translation (& in the original Russian)
      on our respective websites. In my mind, notwithstanding any
      committee, there has been no betrayal and urge all of us to be careful in
      how we come to certain
      conclusions based on hearsay or worse when some of us have our own agendas
      to proclaim. I know our beloved and blessed in memory Metropolitans,
      Archbishops, Bishops, Clergy of all ranks and all the faithful have no need
      to be concerned of any conspiratorial betrayal. Yes
      the last SOBOR was revolutionary only in the sense that it has acknowledged
      that some positive changes
      have taken place within the MP and to encourage the progress of these
      positive changes to continue in the right direction - so that
      TRUE ORTHODOXY can be a salvic grace not only for our small ROCA flock
      but to all the PEOPLE(S)
      that once proclaimed historical Russia as HOLY RUS. Please do not be
      obstructionist for the sake of falsity - for indeed
      we ourselves will be judged by our Saviour when we stand in the way of the
      salvation of the many. Should I have misread
      anything then I will always be one of the first to cry if necessary in the
      wilderness that indeed something is not right. But Glory
      be to our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ that our ROCA is indeed has not lost
      its footing on the narrow glorious path that our forefathers
      of all ranks, talents, forbearance and who so loyally have set for all of
      us to follow (including those in the now slowly emerging RUSSIA). Please
      do not betray them by rejecting ROCA at the hour when all should stand as
      one. I say these words because my heart is full of LOVE for you so you
      too can see what true
      SOBORNOST in service to our Jesus Christ is - that is why I always seek to
      serve with a Bishop, full house of clergy and faithful. It is indeed at
      those services that I feel the fullness of our GRACE filled ORTHODOX Church
      (both heavenly and temporal). It seems, at least , I feel that
      when I participate, as unworthy as I am, in such a service, I have then
      the appreciation of what HEAVEN is all about fulltime. O Lord have mercy
      on your loyal
      but most sinful servant. Let us do our Lord's work as it is written & not
      flout our own agendas even if they seem to us to be noble. Sometimes we
      too can
      deceive ourselves and loose sight of what we are meant to be doing in the
      vineyard of our Lord.

      All of you that know me, know in your heart, that I would not be saying
      these thing if I was not convinced of the veracity of what the SOBOR of
      has brought in to life and has directed us to follow and which is in
      accordance foremost with the will of our SAVIOUR and directions both
      written and otherwise of
      our forefathers, including our beloved Metropolitan Philaret blessed
      amongst the Holy Saints.

      Please forgive me if I again offend anyone but sometimes I do take the
      stage and say what is obvious but needs a tender care to say it. I hope
      all of us
      reading this will always know (and experience) the fullness of our GRACE
      filled ORTHODOX CHURCH. You also know that I will not accept any false
      union if the MP has not entirely and fully devolved from itself of any
      links to ecumenism, sergianism and/or modernism. I put my trust in our
      Lord that the time is near when the MP will forsake ecumenism, sergianism
      and modernism as we in the ROCA thanks to our forefathers have always
      strived (or al least tried) to follow the narrow glorious path that is as
      should be if we are members of the TRUE CHURCH of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
      I also know that it will take much time before any real evidence emerges
      that the MP forecloses on its soviet past and becomes part of the
      historical Russian Orthodox Church and only then unification or
      reunification will not be as some see it now a betrayal or an abandonment
      of the narrow glorious path that ROCA has steadfastly guided all of the

      I also take this opportunity to thank you for your kind words that have
      received both privately & otherwise. I am the unworthiest of his servants
      and I will accept the Lord's will whatever the outcome.

      Please pray for me the unworthy servant of God
      Deacon Basil from Canberra
      1 December 2000
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