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  • Robert Miller
    The mention of Autocephaly on his List moved me to ask for clarification, since the implications are so important. I also referred to Fr Andrew Kencis. Fr.
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      The mention of Autocephaly on his List moved me to ask for clarification,
      since the implications are so important. I also referred to Fr Andrew Kencis. Fr. Andrew replied to me by private email, and asked me to Fwd
      the following letter to this List. His letter follows, as I received it.

      Joseph Miller

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      From: Fr. Andrew Kencis
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      Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2000 4:32 PM
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      Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS

      > This Orthodox-Synod List is a public forum, for all subscribers to read.
      > These posts by Fr Elia contain implications which are elliptical second
      > hand references to something very important. In the spirit of Christian
      > love, please explain the references to 'Autocephaly' apparently
      > Please be clear, please tell everything. Whatever it is, it is now quite
      > out in the open. You flipped up the lid on Pandora's box, and turning
      > back or retractions won't work.
      > This post below was originally addressed to Fr Andrew Kencis, whose
      > positions have been clear. His response would be interesting.
      > That Autocephaly word is loaded with implications and ramifications, so
      > someone really should now respond with facts.
      > Joseph Mi

      Dear Reader Joseph,

      What about Deacon Basil's opinion.?(Just what I would expect
      Bp.Hilarion to say)
      Well he is on this list also.

      What I think, is that our Deacon Basil and many others (even myself at times) do not want to believe what we have read and are contenting ourselves with the
      soothing words we hear to the contrary. We want to believe that we can just go on status qou, arguing with the shaws, lebedeffs, potapovs and whiteheads of
      this world trying to prove (to whom?) that we are not in communion with worldly orthodoxy and beating our heads trying to maintain our remembrances of
      the Synod in its glory days! We spend our time reading all the incredible works that where produced from that era! But the fact remains.... Our bishops have
      for the first time acknowledged the MP. Even to the point that they state for all the world to see that the Russian people can now pray to the New Martyrs
      because of the MP!!! Even the MP called it "revolutionary!" Doesn't this mean something?

      If they do not mean this then let them correct it ...it is very simple. The rest of the epistle is good of course... how can you argue with a call to prayer. But if it
      is being done with the intention of telling us to "stay out of these other matters" (as the OCA and the MP have been doing for years) this is another story. But
      again we love our hierarchs and are willing to overlook and even blind ourselves to what is clearly happening. It makes me shudder sometimes when I think
      that the Evil One is using our "Christian sense of long-suffering and forgiveness against us!" Think about this for a moment... the communists have used this
      very effectively and the "others" have been telling there flocks this for a long time. Even in Professor Andreyev's time, he argues against this very point which
      he calls "Church Tolstoyism." (This just so happens to be in our newly published book)

      But of course if we live for THIS world then all these things make us mad. But if we keep our eyes on the Kingdom of Heaven as it says in our creed,
      understanding that all this was foretold (i.e. the great Apostasy) then we can only take the good advise given to us to increase our prayer life! Trusting that our
      Lord promised that the days would be cut short. It is interesting to note that on one of the "other lists" an OCA archpriest made the comment that "this epistle
      was not apocalyptic in its tone" and that this "made him happy." Isn't this scandalous?

      I understand that Father Paisius did not "repent" he stuck to his convictions and it just so happened that there was no one to serve at the Synod for American
      Thanksgiving so guess who was asked to serve........

      Also I wonder how many of you know that the priests in Geneva where not suspended for there attempt to take over the Church there. Bishop Ambrose just
      "busted" the archpriest for one day to the great dishonor of wearing a silver cross.... then the next day gave him back his other one! The second priest I
      understand is right now in Russia studying!!! (If I got this wrong please somebody correct) But father Paisius gets suspended because he spoke out as MANY
      are doing! I would like to hear a reply to this one! It definitely does not help morale and only confirms our fears. Well I for one consider Fr. Paisius to have
      been given a great honor and distinction. May God grant us to be worthy of crowns also.

      Father Andrew

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