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Re: [orthodox-synod] Orthodox Hilarity: was Prayer request for Protodeacon Basil A Yakimov

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  • hermitage@infoave.net
    Dear Fr Deacon Basil, You re welcome. Now let s see if I can drag up a funny story, even against myself! (Which are always the funniest) AHA Here s one When I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
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      Dear Fr Deacon Basil,

      You're welcome.

      Now let's see if I can drag up a funny story, even against myself! (Which
      are always the funniest)


      Here's one

      When I was living in WA State, directly arriving after my stay on Mt Athos.

      I lived on my brother-in-laws 250 acres. Cow patties steaming in the yard at
      morning. Barefoot walking was, at best, interesting.

      A worn down house. No electricity, no running water besides the stream, no
      heating source except for a wood stove.

      (Baking bread or a cake in a wood stove isn't the easiest skill anymore!)

      So, ONE NIGHT

      Snow was on the ground.

      House was COLD. BRRRRRRR

      Had a few friends over, and asked my oldest friend, Richard (he's 67 now) to
      help me collect some firewood.

      Moon was out, and Mt Rainier was as beautiful as ever. Partridges were
      cooing, and owls were hooting, and marmosets were whistling.

      So we plodded out through the snow to the barn, and collected armfulls of

      On the way back, I says to Richard "FOLLOW ME, I KNOW THE WAY!"

      No sooner had the words left my mouth, then I tripped and fell fell flat on
      my face. The wood went in every which direction.

      Needless to say, it was a memorable evening for all concerned. We did get a
      fire going, however, irregardless of the impediments preceeding.

      And I laugh still.

      Pray for me.

      And be healthy and happy.

      In Christ,
      John, monk

      At 08:21 AM 12/1/00 +1000, you wrote:
      >Thank you Father John and yes I too appreciate good humour.
      >hermitage@... on 12/01/2000 02:06:51 AM
      >Please respond to orthodox-synod@egroups.com
      >To: orthodox-synod@egroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [orthodox-synod] Prayer request for Protodeacon Basil A
      > Yakimov
      >Dear Fr Deacon Basil,
      >May God bless you and keep you from all harm. And for any failings
      >they are, heck if I know), may you have peace of soul and tranquility of
      >This olde monk will bend his knees in prayer for you. Egads, I hate
      >prostrations...wake me up if I fall asleep on the floor after the first
      >The Holy Unmercenaries I am sure, do more than I can in our behalf. And it
      >is their intercessions that I shall ask. My prayers are uncertain, theirs
      >are not.
      >And ya know what? Don't forget to be happy and have a good laugh every now
      >and then! Does wonders. Internet debates can get really oppressive, and
      >draining; too bad we don't have an on-going thread of Funny Stories of
      >in-Church hilarity.
      >Heh heh, I can tell you lots of wonderful Church Humour if you need some
      >Like the day our reader set his hair on fire during the Prophesies at
      >Vespers. It was spectacular!
      >Asking your prayers,
      >In Christ,
      >John, monk
      >>Please pray for me a sinner. I do write often but I still need to make
      >>I ask you all to overlook my many short comings and if I have offended you
      >>in any way
      >>please forgive me. I know that I am arrogant and presumptuous in the
      >>things I do & I have
      >>no real humility. I am so consumed with so many details often
      >>unrelated to doing what I know we were called to do or just consumed
      >>with "whatever" we don't need to do. Spending quality time with our Lord
      >>Jesus Christ
      >> & His love is enough but I continue to attack windmills. Perhaps you do
      >>know about these problems but I do. As you know it is incredibly
      >>no matter
      >>who you are, or where or how you serve. It is so easy to get so caught up
      >>in the work outside service in the Church that we lose precious time with
      >>the Master.
      >>I profoundly & with humility ask you to forgive me for any intended or
      >>unintended offence, pray for me and that I should be/have been a more
      >>effective servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.
      >>The reason for my request, some of you may already know, is that since
      >>I have been living on borrowed time.
      >>Whilst on a posting in the UK I had found that I had difficulty in
      >>breathing and after all sorts of tests the
      >>specialist prepared me for a triple by-pass but I somehow managed to avoid
      >>this operation. I had always
      >>believed that the Lord God would show me mercy and that I would avoid this
      >>operation but it seems not to be the case. Although the Lord has shown me
      >>his Love & Mercy and I know now that the miracle was in the 7 years extra
      >>that I have managed with God's help to have (mostly without pain or any
      >>real inconvenience). On the 12 of December - here in Canberra I have
      >>finally come out of my stubbornness and will allow the specialists to do
      >>their work. It is without exaggeration a difficult time for my family (my
      >>wife Ludmilla, children Lawrence, Anthea, Monica & Vladimir) and that is
      >>why I ask that you include them in your prayers for me an unworthy Deacon.
      >>Many have advised me that the operation will improve my quality of life
      >>I on the other hand do not mind
      >>discomfort that brings little suffering and which is ultimately good for
      >>salvation. However I now entirely place myself in the hands of our Lord
      >>Jesus Christ. O I ask the Theotokos and All the Saints to be my
      >>intercessors whatever the outcome. In God I truly trust! I thank for your
      >>kindness & brotherly love.
      >>In His Love and Grace
      >>Unworthy Deacon Basil from Canberra
      >>1 December 2000 - Canberra
      >>PS I will remain loyal to our ROCA & to the ideals of Holy RUS always. I
      >>believe it is premature to have any unification dialogue with the MP at
      >>this time. The latter has not shifted any considerable ground in regard to
      >>ecumenism nor has condemned sergianism.
      >>Archives located at http://www.egroups.com/group/orthodox-synod
      >Archives located at http://www.egroups.com/group/orthodox-synod
      >Archives located at http://www.egroups.com/group/orthodox-synod
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