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Re: [orthodox-synod] The Protocols

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  • fr elia yenovkian
    WHOEVER DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE CONSPIRACY THEORY OF HISTORY IS A FOOL .....Benjamin Desraeli ... [click here] ... [Non-text portions of this message
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      A FOOL".....Benjamin Desraeli

      "R. Lebedeva" wrote:

      > > -----Original Message-----
      > > From: Nikolaj [mailto:pravoslavie@...]
      > >
      > > And Tsarmartyr Nikolaj read them again
      > > while a prisoner in Sibiria....and is supposed to have said
      > > they were "indeed timely reading" (Also from an original
      > > source - the diary of the Tsaritsa martyr)
      > "The Protocols" were included in the *appendix* of a volume
      > (published
      > by Nilus) that were found among the royal family's personal effects.
      > The
      > book "The Big in the Small, and Antichrist as a Near Political
      > Possibility; Notes of an Orthodox Person" were composed of several
      > essays and articles. Are you *certain* that it was the Protocols
      > themselves that were considered timely by St. Alexandra, or one of the
      > many other works in the volume? After all, her own husband considered
      > the Protocols a forgery---and surely he knew enough French to have
      > possibly read the original work.
      > Hello, Michael! :-) And thank you so much! We missed you!
      > "The Protocols" were based upon a work that attacked the beliefs
      > of
      > **The Enlightenment**---not a work of Jews seeking to undermine the
      > world. Believe it if you will, but this "worldwide Jewish
      > conspiracy"
      > has been bandied about for centuries. And I haven't even gone into
      > the
      > Renaissance and Medieval-period "Jewish scares". They, like every
      > other
      > conspiracy theory, have exactly the same elements (regardless of the
      > alleged conspirators). I'm just not convinced. I believe more in the
      > universal nature of human greed, fear, and hatred (and
      > repentance/redemption), than spending time seeking to find it in any
      > particular culture or "race".
      > Love you, Michael!
      > ~~Rachael
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