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  • Nikolaj
    Dear Elizabeth You - quite - conveniently forgot to comment on the first half of my letter... But - Elizabeth do you really think that ROC/MP is equal to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2000
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      Dear Elizabeth

      You - quite - conveniently
      "forgot" to comment on the first
      half of my letter...

      But - Elizabeth
      do you really think that ROC/MP
      is equal to "Satanists, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindus, Wiccans and 23,000
      Protestant denominations." ?

      Because if so, you certainly practice an
      interesting variation of love for your much-suffering Christian brothers
      and sisters in Russia, who whatever might be said of them,
      share the same creed as you have, and pray to the same saints.
      Condemning and putting ca 40% (Orthodox baptized)of the Russian people
      in the same league as the above quoted is a rather
      harsh judgement to make for a Christian.

      Likewise judging the same 40% of the Russian people
      for the sins of the murderous soviet regime is also a
      rather hasty conclusion.
      You know (it is hoped) that we shall be judged
      by the same means that we judge others.

      The sins of the soviet regime and the sins of the
      MP/ROC hierachs is on their heads.
      Not ours. In our zeal for preserving our Faith untainted
      let us not drop to the level of "bible-bashing".

      The MP/ROC has canonized ca. 850 New Martyrs and
      confessors murdered under the Communist Yoke.
      So you see, the memory of these martyrs are not totally forgotten
      in Russia. Nor will they be in the future.
      Now as well as in the future people can venerate these martyrs openly.

      We must not give up hoping and praying for Russia - our Spiritual motherland!
      This is essential for ROCOR.

      May God be with you
      In Christ

      "Forgiveness is better than revenge. "
      St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
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      > > Maybe we should ask ourselves, why does God allow this mission
      > > of MP/ROC in Canada - and why does He allow ROCOR mission in Russia?
      > > Things are not so black and white always.
      > God also allows Satanists, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindus, Wiccans and 23,000
      > Protestant denominations. I don't think legitimacy can be determined by who
      > has or has not been struck by lightning.
      > Actually, things are often black and white when you are dealing with truth.
      > If you are in ROCA, you (it is hoped) understand the history of our church,
      > and the history of the MP. It was pretty black and white to those who died
      > for their faith, the catacomb church, and those who continue to suffer for
      > their faith in Russia. If it were a simple question of shading into gray,
      > with no spiritual consequences and no memory of millions who have died,
      > wouldn't life be easy?!!
      > Elizabeth
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