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Sermons of Metropolitan Philaret on Cassette Tape

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    Dear Members: For anyone interested, I forward the message below. In Christ, John Trepatschko
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
      Dear Members:

      For anyone interested, I forward the message below.

      In Christ,
      John Trepatschko


      Dear Members:

      Recorded sermons of Metropolitan Philaret (of blessed memory) are available
      on cassette tape for anyone interested in purchasing them. The sermons were
      recorded during the life of Metropolitan Philaret by his personal caretaker
      Protodeacon Nikita (of blessed memory). Protodeacon Nikita recorded many of
      Metropolitan Philaret's sermons and over the course of time, had acquired
      quite a collection (over 400 tapes). Protodeacon Nikita sold the tapes to my
      late brother Hieromonk Ignaty and myself several years ago.

      The purchased recordings were quite extensive. Unfortunately some of them
      were inaudible. Nonetheless, after laboriously sifting through all the
      recordings, we were able to salvage enough material to fill 20 cassette tapes
      worth of material (130 sermons). My late brother relayed to me one day,
      exhausted after spending many hours and days sifting through the material
      purchased from Protodeacon Nikita, that he had a dream one night that
      Metropolitan Philaret came to his monastic cell (kelya) and bowed in front of
      him as a gesture of thanks for the work he was doing and then quickly
      departed without saying a word.

      The complete collection consists of 20 cassette tapes, 55 minutes each and
      contain 130 of Metropolitan Philaret's sermons. The sermons touch on every
      subject and are too numerous to list here. The tapes can be purchased as a
      set or individually and are labeled in sequential order from 1 to 20.

      I also have available 5 cassette tapes containing sermons of Archbishop
      Averky (of blessed memory), Abbott of the Holy Trinity Monastery in
      Jordanville, NY. They also can be purchased as a set or individually.

      For additional information on ordering these tapes, please send your
      inquiries to:

      Rev. Anatoly Trepatschko
      39 Redhill Drive
      Stafford, VA 22554

      Or by e-mail: FRANATOLYTREP@...

      In Christ,
      Fr. Anatoly Trepatschko
      Parish Webpage: http://dormitionchurch.homestead.com
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