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Fwd: Dying Child in Nashville

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  • rus-am_info_services@prodigy.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      >Dear fellow list members:
      >I know it is unusual to ask for prayers for a non-Orthodox Christian, but
      >I promised my brother that I would. He is also a non-Orthodox
      >Christian. However, he is asking for prayers from ANYONE and is not
      >choosey who participates in these prayers.
      >The child is in Nashville, if anyone near there could go and visit him or
      >pray for him, if his Baptist father will allow this.
      >I have told my brother we will ask all the Saints who we pray to for
      >healing to pray for this 12-year-old child, who has no mother. We have
      >sent a copy of an icon of the Holy Theotokos to my brother with the words
      >"The Mother of all the motherless".
      >We have also told him that we will ask The Blessed Virgin to pray for
      >Brian and ask Her Son, Jesus, to heal Brian. We are asking for a miracle,
      >if God wills.
      >I have sent an E-mail to Fr. Gregory Williams in Liberty, TN, and asked
      >for prayers and visitations from anyone in the area.
      >Thank you for your prayers and efforts.
      >God Bless!
      >Alexandra Jeneaue
      >(and George Spruksts)
      >Here is my brother's IM message:
      >EMERGENCY PRAYER NEEDED FOR DYING CHILD at Baptist Memorial Hospital in
      >Nashville TN
      >Please gather all your prayer group members and assemble for emergency
      >prayer intercession for our Brian Travis who is deathly ill from long
      >process of urinary tract Infections, kidney failure, and pneumonia, which
      >is taking him from us as we speak. I feel he is slipping away rapidly, as
      >we have been here before and after 4 months of battle, we are loosing
      >again, rapidly.
      >WE NEED GOD'S DIVINE INTERVENTION IMMEDIATELY, we have had prayer group
      >blessings before and things improved, but now we are in deaths grip and
      >this may be final, given his extremely weak condition. Brian is cared for
      >in the Pediatric ICU at BAPTIST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL at Nashville, Tennessee.
      >His father and family are with him in this final hours.
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