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[orthodox-synod] FWD: Call for Papers on Modern Russian, 1900-2000 - Cultural

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    CALL FOR PAPERS Negotiating Cultural Upheavals: Icons, Myths, and Other Institutions of Cultural Memory in Modern Russia, 1900-2000 a conference to be held
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 1999

      "Negotiating Cultural Upheavals: Icons, Myths, and Other Institutions of
      Cultural Memory in Modern Russia, 1900-2000"

      a conference to be held at
      Ohio State University
      Columbus, Ohio
      April 14-15, 2000

      sponsored by
      Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures
      Ohio State University

      Twentieth-century Russia has seen more than its share of social and cultural

      upheaval resulting from wars, revolutions, the collapse of governments and
      the imposition of others--events that extend from 1905 to the more recent
      disintegration of the Soviet Union and Russia's reintegration in to the
      global economy. These social and political changes have inevitably affected

      the course of cultural evolution, producing enormous gulfs between new and
      old traditions and isolating thousands of people from their traditional
      cultural environments. Despite their magnitude, these gulfs are not
      unbridgeable: in fact, various types of "bridges" have been and are being
      constructed across them. The objective of this interdisciplinary conference
      is to examine these bridges, their builders, and the ideas upon which they
      are founded.

      Interested scholars are asked to submit a one-page abstract and a short c.v.

      by November 15, 1999. Submissions should be sent to (and queries should also

      be directed to): Bill Wolf, East European Studies Center, 303 Oxley Hall,
      1712 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1219; tel: 614-292-8770; fax:
      614-292-4273; e-mail: wolf.5@...

      Article-length versions of the conference papers will be considered for
      publication in a special issue of "Kritika: Explorations in Russian and
      Eurasian History."
      The conference organizers are Dr. Michael David-Fox, Dr. Sara Dickinson, Dr.

      George Kalbouss, Dr. Irene Masing-Delic and Dr. Galina Rylkova.


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