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Inheriting Palestine

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    The Promise to Abraham (which I understand to be temporal, stretching from here to the horizon, Hebrew scholars sometimes say) was to Abraham and his seed.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2000
      The Promise to Abraham (which I understand to be temporal, "stretching from
      here to the horizon," Hebrew scholars sometimes say) was to "Abraham and his
      seed." It is not to those who are not flesh of his flesh/bone of his bone.
      Hence, "God's chosen people."

      Judaism was originally a tribal religion. For a very long time, they merely
      saw their God as a "great king above all gods. . . ." The implication of
      that is: There are other gods, else the God of Israel could not be above

      "Ha'aretz," The Land, is what is continually talked about. Indeed, in
      Israel, there is a daily paper call "Ha'aretz." This Land is the land
      promised to Abraham and to his seed.

      Arabs are the lineal descendants of Abraham. They already owned the land.
      Zionists (who are mostly, if not all) Ashkenazic Jews, devised a slogan by
      which they sold the world a notion which is utterly false. The slogan said
      Palestine is "a land without a people, for a people without a land."

      Tautology, we call that.

      Israeli maps do not show the existence of Arab villages which were destroyed,
      in the aftermath of all those wars. Earlier maps will show them. New maps
      do not.

      Zionists have created an historical myth about themselves and about the land.
      The land belonged to Abraham to his seed, but, the tribe is only those who
      belong to it. The relationship is genetic, not philosophical or theological.

      Yet, if I were to convert to Judaism, via an Orthodox rabbi (it must be
      through that means), I would have the right of "Return" to Palestine, as a
      "Jew." This, while my Palestinian friends have no right to anything, even
      the land their fathers and grandfathers and mothers occupied for generations,
      before and after the Western Crusades.

      As a descendant of Fulk of Anjou, who was "King of Jersalem," I, personally,
      through my own genetic background, have more claim to Jerusalem (if right of
      conquest is all we are discussing) than any Ashkenazic Jew.

      Only those who belong to the tribe belong. The Promise is not to everyone.
      It is to Abraham and his seed.

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